Known Issue: Inflated PI Values on Champions and Green Glow on Non-Boosted Champions

Hey Summoners!

We've recently seen a few reports around of players seeing a higher than usual PI Value on some of their Champions, which will occasionally fall back to normal, and then rise again. We have determined the cause of the issue, and the effects that it is currently having. At this time, players are seeing a small bump in their Attack and HP of their champions. The amount of inflation depends on your masteries and synergies. This is not a significant enough bump to be noticeable, but is having an effect on the PI of Champions.

As for the green glow that is usually seen after boosting a champion, or upgrading them after locking them into a quest, this is also only a display issue, and is nothing to be concerned about.

The team is currently in the midst of investigating a fix for the situation, and will likely have one ready for early next week.
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