Fast growing 4.7 million rated Alliance looking to fill some slots

[X-101] - The Phoenix Force

We have a few slower/non-communicative heads, also a couple who are departing come SA, who's slots we're looking to fill with some active/loyal heads. Players that understand that loyalty and teamwork = growth. We're looking for players that are capable of finishing AQ Maps 3-5, consistency is KEY. That have 11+ R4 4* or better (R5 4* and 5* R2-4 is a fantastic bonus, but not required). Line app is REQUIRED to maintain communication during AQ and AW. We understand that this a game, and not your life here. We're asking for participation, and communication. Everyone that has stuck around has grown quite well. We need a few more who are willing to stay the course, and rock out together. This Alliance is all about making things work as best as we can. We all have off days. Just a fact of life. So you keeping us informed helps even on your off days. Sometimes a few words can do more than diving in at random. So here's a quick recap of the Alliance...

-Weekly SA (Rank rewards either 71-100% or 41-70% brackets)
-AQ participation in Maps 3-5 (donations are required to run Maps 4 and 5)
-AW Tier 9 rewards (current War rate 1,027)
-Line App a MUST
-No major/unreasonable expectations here (meaning if we don't get all the rewards in everything, it's not the end of the world)
-Ideally level 50+ rate 120k+ with 11+ 4/40 4* champs or better (although less will be considered, give or take a little)
-We are primarily a North American Alliance. We've tried having overseas buddies in the past, but it typically results in issues with clashing play times. Not to say this will exclude you, just be forewarned/aware of the majority's location.

If you feel you're a good fit, feel free to get back to me. Looking forward to your messages. Have fun out there!

IGN - Sirius Break
Line ID - siriusbreak


  • bump. just FYI, we're gonna be pushing for Map 5x5 soon. just need to swap out some heads who can't hack it.
  • 2 SLOTS LEFT!!!! 3 hours til AQ starts. Map 5x5 this week here (possibly from here out). Looking for 2 who are up to the task. Contact ASAP.
  • tybytyby Posts: 1
    plz invite me my name is LOKENDRA 2004 WITH 3 STARR GHOST RIDER AND 3 STARR WAR MACHINE
  • did you read our requirements? 3* is not enough. sorry.
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