Bad Ass Alliance Looking For A Few Seasoned Active Players With 4200+ Prestige

We're a fast growing alliance of seasoned boss killers and highly skilled players looking for one more active and like-minded player to join our family as we tackle tier 2/3 AW and Map 5 & 6.

What we're looking for: A seasoned, active player with 4200+ prestige who has cleared the Collector, RTL, ROL, Web-Slinger, etc. and is comfortable clearing paths in AQ and AW. We go for 100% every war (we're on a nice winning streak right now); we don't mirco-manage our players (we're all big boys); and we can all be relied upon to do our part every time.

We're a chill crew that likes to joke, talk about all things Marvel related, help each other out when in need, and treat one another like family.

If you're looking for an opportunity to join a fast growing alliance that cruises through AQ and often dominates in AW (we're on a nice winning streak) - we're the alliance you're looking for. Must have 4200 or greater prestige. LINE is required. US/Canada time zones preferred. Line ID: soundsdelicious


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