Game Breaking Bug

I found a game breaking bug, that if I were to exploit it, would allow me to clear any content I want.
1. Do you want me to explain the bug, with video, in this public forum? (This might lead to multiple other people with less scruples than I to exploit the bug)
2. Do you offer a bug bounty for this kind of bug?


  • No bounty, you can explain the bug but as you said people would exploit it so i would just send a message to the mcoc support team.
  • MSRDLDMSRDLD Posts: 374
    You can message me on Line what this bug is and together we can decide how best to proceed. Two minds > One.
  • Also, they really should offer bounties on bugs. Otherwise, they get exploited until patched costing them money. If they offered a bounty, they would get the bugs quicker and save themselves money in the long run.
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