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Some people think I made another account to support my discussion and that makes people think I’m abusing when I’m not! Is there like a thing were you check the IP address or something. Because I’m NOT doing that.Is there anything I can do to prove that I didn’t make another account to upport my account!

Thank you! And do our best to help me!


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    ...and he makes another thread in order to defend himself against the accusation that he made another thread.
  • Omg, I’m not!
  • There is no way to prove it but I believe you
  • Thank you! And if is any way to proof it tell me so I CAN proof it!
  • I think the mods would know, they keep all info private from normal peeps because there was an issue with people completely abusing each othet. So you cant prove it to anyone here but the mods should be able too
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    Prove is wat you're looking for
  • the other account was made like 15 mins after your other thread, and the only things its done are comment on how it agrees with your thread and make a second thread reiterating your first thread. While its possible its not you it seems very unlikely. just let it go and move on and nobody will even remember in a week.
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    Hey mom can you leave the door unlocked I forgot my key at home.
  • Kabam scares me now. They know where I live. Think about that.
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