Dash back issues and slow blocking

Two major issues I and other alliance mates have encountered over the last few weeks and would like others who have experienced the same to post in here:

1. Dash back distance of champs seems to be shorter and sluggish. This is painfully obvious with Mordo who requires three dash backs to reach the defensive side of the screen. I find it next to impossible to dodge Venom’s SP2 now and also find myself getting clipped by the last bullet of Punisher’s SP1. Both are SP’s that I could easily avoid previously. I also find myself getting tagged when baiting opponent SP but suspect part of this is due to laggy response, a whole other issue altogether.

2. Slow block response. Some champs have a massive delay in their block animation and the responsiveness to input. Both Crossbones and StarLord are painfully obvious examples while I saw it today with X-23 in AQ. Really makes parrying with these champs a lot harder and less consistent than it should be.

To be clear, I’ve played this game for 2 ½ years now and while I still enjoy it, that enjoyment is rapidly diminishing thanks to buggy gameplay and I am not alone in that sentiment.

Please address these issues and the raft of others that litter this forum to make this game enjoyable again. We want to stay but our reasons to do so are lessening.
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