Beast sig combo counter

In Freestyle mode, Beast's signature ability grants bonus damage for doing a MLLLM combo. If you fail, then he goes into a 5 second cooldown. No issues there.

I wish I could post a video, but the situation is as follows:
  • In freestyle mode
  • successfully Complete a combo to activate the Crit boost for 5 seconds
  • -OR-
  • unsuccessfully Complete a combo to activate the cooldown for 5 seconds
  • You start another combo that extends beyond the 5 second timer and ends with a medium hit
  • Game then counts that combo-ending medium as the "start" of the next freestyle counter
  • Because it's a combo-ending hit (and not a combo-starting hit), you cannot perform the freestyle combo and consequently trigger the unsuccessful combo penalty

Why does his counter count the last M of a combo as the start of a new combo?


  • Because what starts the sequence it looks for is a medium attack and it can't tell the difference between a starting and ending medium attack.

    Once the cooldown ends, it simply looks for the medium attack input. Then you follow the sequence to complete it.
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