I understand the hate for Spidergwen but the more I use her in arenas the more I am starting to like her. I get her SP1 doesnt do anything really, but she crits a lot and her damage is fairly high. Does anyone else see the value in her or is it just me?


  • it's just you bro. But she hulk is even worse....
  • I know i should never sell champs, but I sold my she hulk to get enough shards for a 5 star haha @colbyscipio987 I dont miss her at all.
  • BigMoBigMo Posts: 120
    Spidergwen is not that bad. Her animations are smooth and she has decent damage output. However her SP1 is just goofey and there are so many better champs available. My 4* SG is at 3/30 and is only used for arena grinding.
  • I like her also she has evade, a nice critical hit rate, armor break, special attacks do major damage, also causes stun, heavy attacks aren't interrupted, and she is the fastest attacker hands down
  • Op, I found the same thing. There's a lot of hate for her, and certainly I don't think she's special. She doesn't have any value in quests and so forth, with no regen, no immunities, no power control, etc. But I enjoy using her in arena. Good thing, too, since I now have her as a 5*. Since most of my 5*s are arena fodder anyway, it's nice to have a quick, clean fight with her.

    Right until the Vanquishing Blow event is sp1. Lol
  • She’s my favorite spider champ besides stark spidey. The only bad thing about her is her zero damage sp1.
  • She's been given a bad rap, but she does some decent Damage. L1 doesn't inflict anything, but with Armor Breaks stacked, she can do some good work.
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