Task-Master interfering with ArchAngel’s Passive Ability

Task-Master’s Ability to decrease opponents Ability Accuracy should not cause issues to ArchAngel at all.

Passive Ability:
ArchAngel’s ability Accuracy cannot be decreased by his opponent’s abilities.

Yet somehow Task-Master is causing ability accuracy to be decreased because I’m missing well timed Parry’s left and right. I get the first one at start of fight and then maybe one more. After that I can seem to only Land one parry every 3-4 tries. Which tells me he’s screwing with my ability accuracy.

And before the jokes roll in, yes I can parry with the best of them ^_^


@Kabam Vydious
@Kabam Pertinax


  • Near end of fight he has unblockable finale on all attacks even regular ones. Seatin had trouble as well in his video he did. Need to intercept near end of fight
  • eXtripa69eXtripa69 Posts: 2,547
    Archangel ability never worked. Is bug and is currently only working against concussion debuffs
  • HAVOCHAVOC Posts: 42
    I hardly come on the forums as u can tell from my post count unless I find an issue in the game. Didn’t know AA’s Passive ability was bugged, that sucks!

    AA’s Passive ability is exactly what you need for Task-Master!

    Kabam please fix soon as this will cause some crazy issues in AW

    @Kabam Miike
  • HAVOCHAVOC Posts: 42
    Just fought TaskMaster again with my 5* ArchAngel and this is pure BS Kabam!

    ArchAngel’s Passive ability is broken or bugged, please fix with 13-Dec update.

    How in the hell is TaskMaster immune to bleeds, poisons and Neurotoxins???

    @Kabam Miike
    @Kabam Vydious
    @Kabam Pertinax
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