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It may seem petty to some but in my alliance people are grinding arena a ton. I'm OK with the limit on daily loyalty (would be nice to see that upped since the introduction of the loyalty store) but one of my biggest pet peeves is logging in after only being gone for an hour or so and seeing over 100 help requests. Now I being a good team player clear those all the time, but with the "help 4" (if it works 4 at a time which often it doesn't) is a very slow process. I would like to see a new "help all" or even change the 4 to "help 10".


  • SlyCat42SlyCat42 Posts: 127
    I think the help button needs to be updated on both sides.

    When you request help it should work on all your champions on cooldowns at once and when people click the help button it should go to the max amount you can help immediately and then grey out when you hit that limit.

    Kabaam probably just has bigger things going on at the moment with all the bug fixes.
  • MattcoholicMattcoholic Posts: 7
    We need to be able to continue to help our alliance mates, just need a more efficient way to do it. If it didn't take 10 minutes to go through and tap that button 40 times, I think people would be more apt to do it. But I agree a catch all for asking and giving would be nice and so much quicker.
  • MattcoholicMattcoholic Posts: 7
    "Ask for help on all" and "help all" plus up the daily limit of loyalty would be a small but overwhelmingly awesome change.
  • fede10ricofede10rico Posts: 8
    the help button should be easier and faster...
    first of all after every match in arena the "ask for help" should be automatic instead of manual,
    second, you should be able to help the characters of your alliance's friends more than 4 per time, I would love just a single touch for the whole helps and I would really like it not to be in my alliance's page. I spend a lot of time on the game, more than I should have and it would save me a lot of time helping my mates finding the help button between matches.

  • MattcoholicMattcoholic Posts: 7
    If there was no other change than increasing it to help 10, instead of 4. It would be a massive time saver.
  • If we can't get the limit increased, can we at least get it so that the current form actually works reliably?!
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 2,082
    It's been discussed before. The issue is that the server won't be able to process more than is possible at the moment. They did mention that they were looking at ideas. Given the delay that we experience in Requests, I'd say that's very plausible.
  • I don't mind so much about the help button taking forever. When running arena events during a desriable basic arena then seeing 250+ help requests every hour and a half is nothing new. I don't mind pressing a button for a minute over 20 times to help my alliance.

    That said the loyalty gain daily cut off is what bothers me more. Not everyone is a team player like that. Why should they be? They don't beneift from it directly after they get their 1000 "help" loyalty.

    One solution would be to decrease the amount gained per help given, but that would royally screw younger alliances. And it's more likely to just piss people off.

    I think you should gain 10 loyalty or something after your daily amount has been reached. Some minor incentive would go a long way.

    The more people are helping in alliances the more people are playing. The more that people play the more invested they become and the benefit would be very much so mutual.

  • I_am_GrootI_am_Groot Posts: 346
    edited August 13
    "Help All" buttons are better for the users and better for the servers, because ONE submit (with 100 help requests) is better than Dozens submits (with 4 help requests each, or even 1 help request). Servers will be less DDOSed.

    There isn't technical reason again this suggestion.
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