Proxima & Thor Synergy?

Is the thor synergy only supposed to work for his 1st combo? It says

Asgardian Hunt with Thor (Ragnarok) (Unique)
-Proxima Midnight: Gains Combo Shield whenever she has less than 50 hits in her Combo Meter.
-Thor (Ragnarok): Activation of Boon of the Gods requires 10 less hits on the Combo Meter and 5 less hits whenever struck.

I tested this out and got Boon of Gods at 30 combo but then didn't get Boon of Gods at combo 60 but did at 70. The way it reads he should get it at 60, 90, 120 but now its 70, 110, 150.

The spotlight doesn't say only on 1st activation. Not too happy with that.


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