• He's OK but has very little upside. To me he's arena fodder at best. Even when duped his sig is pretty terrible.
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  • They need to change her sig from 0-8 buffs to 1-8 buffs. That would make her OK again. For now just use her with a crit rate team. More crits = more buffs. She has a crit synergy with Phoenix too if you have her.
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  • Didn't you read? He has 60 sig stones to put into SW. SW is still far superior to iceman in terms of raw power. If you're close to getting SW to 5/50 she's definitely the one to invest in.
  • Yeah I know. Hopefully they fix the text so it's not as misleading.
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  • If this is the case, something is wrong. The text clearly says he gains a charge "for every 0.5 seconds he is blocking and isn't attacked", so blocking for 3 seconds should yield 6 charges however this is definitely not the case right now. I feel this is important because if his ability worked as it says it should work,…
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  • Or does it work like this? 0.5 seconds 1.0 1.5 2 2.5 3 For each new charge etc etc
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  • So 30 minute timers would be of immense help to you! If you don't like logging in often, it's great! It means that when you do log in, you'll certainly have full energy and be able to use your time more productively, exploring more of the map. 30 minute timers are for exactly those people who can't log in hourly. What…
  • Agreed. Friendship is what keeps us all coming back to play. Kabam should place more emphasis on this. Make our playing experience more enjoyable, and put less pressure/strain on these friendships.
  • I don't cheat and I've never shared my account. I consider myself active and available for AQ and aw most of the time. I use my time efficiently. However this cannot be the case for everyone in my alliance. Shorter timers boosts the productivity of each log in, thus allowing people to make a better contribution without…
  • They've been nerfing him for 2 years. First they removed his leadership synergy (perfect block) and then they removed his L1 double bleed (nobody understands why). Now he's complete garbage. That's just kabam though, all the old champs get nerfed down to nothing to make way for new champs with the same abilities. Gwenpool…
  • I hate grinding, but I don't have a problem doing it if I want the champ badly. I can score 11-12m no worries without boosts or units. In saying that, I feel it would be possible for kabam to create some mathematical system to put the basic 4* in the milestone rewards instead of the rank rewards. They have tons of data…
  • If you have to start over, Magik should sweep that up nicely.
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  • I scored 8.317 and got her obviously. The high cutoff in this arena is kabams fault. They paired Gwenpool with a total garbage featured champ (miles morales) so of course the grinders will be heading into the basic arena instead. She's a relatively new champ so I guess a lot of people don't have her.
  • SW, DS, Thor are off limits. But spider Gwen, Luke cage and lady Thor are so important they had to be added in one big batch immediately.
  • The more 4* rank 5 you have, the more points you'll score with less effort. If you're using mostly 4/40, 3/30 and 3* champs you're gonna need 300-400 rounds to score 7m for Gwenpool. Also suicide masteries apparently help too. Not something I've tried though.
  • You are asking for something unreasonable though. You only have 1 5 star champ. I had at least 4 before I got my first 4* to rank 5. It tells me you're not at a point in the game where you should be getting t4cc anyway. You're asking if there's a way to get them without being in an alliance. I told you there is. 3 from act…
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  • How can you expect to do it without a single health potion?! Now you want t4cc for just cruising through the game? You might as well just quit now bro. This isn't the game for you.
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  • This is ridiculous. Cheating? Dude I finished maestro all paths 100% with an unduped scarlet witch at 4/40 lol.
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  • You said you only have one 5 star. I'm in a 9.2 mill alliance and I have 12 5 stars and I barely get whole t4cc. You're nowhere near strong enough to be expecting regular t4cc. There's plenty of them available in the solo content - 3 from act 4 2 from act 5 Plus a rank up gem in act 5 chapter 2 which is essentially 3 t4cc…
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  • This sounds about right. 2.71% seems bang on. There was one fight vs classic Spidey where BW did 100 hits and didn't trigger evade once. Another fight with miles morales 140 hits and triggered 1 evade. He had 17 evades stacked by the end of the fight. BW is good for the quest. Gwenpool is great too. I've finished it now.
  • My mistake, 3* quake doesn't have the synergy. So only the 4* and 5*. I guess I'll live with 95% for BW lol
  • Got you! Thanks. Well you could bring a 4* and 3* quake right? Don't need a 5* lol. It's good to know you can get her above 100 in that situation! Very useful info you've provided.
  • Well that's a bit disappointing. So if you're fighting a spiderman, you get 85x1.15 for the potency synergy which is 97.75%? Still good enough I guess!
  • Glad we're having this convo before the event comes out. Let's keep it going so we can get some admin input.
  • I realized I may have made a mistake in the sense her sig ability allows 15% more for science champs. So it goes from 70 to 85, not 70x1.15. Either way the question stands and is still completely valid.
  • You talk like we have an option. "It's just a chance you have to take" - Exactly. We have no option to avoid her. Every single player in the game says she sucks. 2 of my alliance members got her from 15k featured crystals! It's absurd. I made a similar thread to this just before they added the new group (cage, gwen, Jane…