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  • I'm very interested in hearing more about masteries so I hope the team shares some updates/details on that soon. Also, I am eager to hear more about how sig stones will become more available. Details on these + the new crystals (less RNG?) will likely have a huge impact on what people go for on July 4.
  • Oh man, having that x-men song playing would be awesome, lol
  • Oh, does starlord ramp up better than she does starting at 0 hits?
  • I do have corvus. I thought G2099 might be an option but I don't see anyone using her. Wouldn't she be a better choice than SL?
  • Yea, the EQ solo event is pretty much a once a month thing for me. The other solo events are "ok" as in, it's doable to get the revive and 25 units every time.
  • Well I want to do initial clear of Abyss. I have NF, Doom, Void (in place of Human Torch) but no Aegon so that's really the biggest barrier. If there's a champ that can be a reasonable substitute for him (in general for Abyss, not just for the final boss), then I would give it a shot. I've heard some suggestions like…
  • What's the best (or at least viable) substitute if you don't have Aegon?
  • Nah I disagree. They can announce whatever they want. What matters is what actually happens in game. Just like after 6.2 they announced that they learned a lot. That didn't seem to actually translate over in 6.3, 6.4 and book 2 beta. The announcement will be important, no doubt about that, but until we see it/play it in…
  • Great breakdown. For me, the one fight I would mention in 6.1 that was kind of a preview of what 6.2-6.4 would be like was the Symbiote Supreme on Buffed Up/Pilfer Node. They seem to have taken that kind of thinking and applied it when they made those can't stop won't stop + HT and do you bleed + rogue type fights.
  • Ehhh, stuff like reducing/removing gold from AQ map 6/7 and this month's initial modok labs give me some pause on that front, but I do hope I'm wrong!
  • Yea I agree as well, this is a good way to go about it. My only concern is, historically, the difficulty will be overtuned and the rewards will be underwhelming. At least that's how it was for all of Act 6. I hope that's not the case here b/c it can be quite promising.
  • Agreed, it does look like the only acknowledgement we get that people are actually looking at this page is when comments get deleted. If they can do that, I don't know why they can't drop a message detailing some thoughts or just acknowledging that they are paying attention.
  • Yes, I agree they certainly don't have to (nor can they) just go along with everything the community suggests, especially if/when there are conflicting opinions. But it would be immensely helpful if they would at least communicate to us why or why not for some of the major points. Radio silence is not the right way to…
  • I agree that the biggest issue right now is the lack of communication. They say they're taking it in, but we have no way of knowing. It is similar to the Flow issue where they merged threads to collect feedback, there was radio silence, and then they made a minor tweak that satisfied no one and did not address any of the…
  • Especially points 1 and 3. That should take zero effort. Heck, if they argue that removing AQ costs messes with the economy or whatever, at LEAST the mastery point thing shouldn't at all.
  • Yea at some point, being an officer really becomes a full on job playing with spreadsheets.
  • So one area I'm confused is how Kabam KNOWS that defense tactics are working opposite to how they were intended. They were meant to increase diversity, not create a new static meta. But it was already made abundantly clear that with Flow, it is absolutely a new static meta, more than ever before. They are literally flow…
  • Her evade doesn't have to do with reducing the opponent's ability accuracy. If the opponent can reduce Quake's ability accuracy (e.g. Agent Venom) then yea, Quake's evade can fail and she'll get hit. But her description does not imply that it's the ability accuracy reduction resulting from concussion that allows her to…
  • @Mirage_Turtle Yup, exactly. That's what I"m saying. For Taskmaster, they were explicit about what's debuff and what's passive. They didn't do that for Quake.
  • There's technically nothing wrong in the description since the description doesn't say debuff. It just doesn't explicitly say "concussion passive".
  • Nowhere in Quake's description does it say her concussion is a debuff. If you read Taskmaster's description, it specifically says that they are concussion DEBUFFS.
  • Does anyone know when/why they made concussion a debuff instead of a passive? If it was just the icon but it's still functioning as a passive, that should be fine. Leave it as is since it was initially intended as a passive, pre-icon. Or update the description to say the heavy places a passive concussion on opponent or…
  • Well, even if it was an oversight when initially developed, after last season + this off-season, I don't think that really holds weight anymore. There should be no mystery as to what's going to happen this season. Flow all the time. Same flow defenders. People either giving up or blowing items like crazy.
  • Well, my alliance (plat 3 tier 3) runs off-season item free (and I assume most alliances do the same). But running item free basically means 2 options: (1) only go up one side of the map in hopes that you'll have enough healthy champs to clear the minis/boss, or (2) go and try to take assigned lanes for practice, but with…
  • Even "laughable" defenders that benefit from flow become much more dangerous. Case in point, I have a 6* r2 duped havok on defense. He routinely gets less kills than my 6* r1 unduped doc ock.
  • It's definitely not short notice any more. People have raised these concerns before last season even started.
  • It helps, so at least you're not completely helpless against stun/debuff immune nodes, but it's not enough. That and they simultaneously removed the ability for stun to get rid of flow, so wasp, doom, and any champ who stuns off a special basically got a bit of a nerf there too. They should have at the very least kept stun…
  • I agree, it is depressing. There was no back and forth regarding this at all. There were complaints and proposed solutions through for over a month now, nothing changed until after last season where they made a woefully insufficient tweak to it, and then they shut down any and all communication after that, saying that they…
  • I suspect many people would be on board with getting rid of global modifiers. One of the repeated suggestions in this thread was to give AW an option to either opt in or out of modifiers and then alliances would be matched with others who chose the same option. However, I don't think Kabam will ever opt to just get rid of…
  • I agree with you wholeheartedly. There were some new game concepts posted in this thread, but in terms of problems/complaints already in the game and potential improvements, there's not much that's new. The game team probably has heard/seen it and may have even discussed it, but the biggest issue is that it's been…