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  • -Game Name: bumbunyon Device and Model: samsung. Note 9 Device Operating System: 10 Cellular or WiFi: both Game Version Installed: up to date Game Mode: AW, AQ Description of the Issue: For months now my champs stop responding in fights. This mostly presents itself as the champion I'm playing will not block or dash. They…
  • Why should it be such a ridiculously small chance for such a large expenditure of resources is my point. 15k 6* shards takes quite a while to get.
  • Bad: Opened 3 6* featured Crystal's and pulled jane foster, electro, and civil warrior. Good: pulled 6* ghost from basic crystal, then the next pulled her dupe from a cav crystal
  • Carnage has great animations, fun to play, decent dmg. Just not always practical to use.
  • I brought my r2 silver surfer to war last week to fight a havok mini boss and I really laid into him and kept armor buff up. Really dissatisfied with that I can't dish out top tier damage despite throwing someone into a SUN. Just does not have the damage output for end game difficulty content challenging enemies. Unless…
  • If he takes that much effort cycle and maintain his buffs the damage output should be more significant for sure. Hes one of the most powerful in the mcu and he is underwhelming for how much you need to pay attention to his buff maintenance to use him properly. I have him 6* unduped r2 and I still can't hit hard enough to…
  • I just spent $100 and got 10 trash 3*. Could be worse. Absolutely zero return on investment. Zero. For a $100. My odds are better in an actual casino which is sad lol
  • I don't think sandbagging wars in the off season should be a beneficial tactic for an alliance to do. It's not in the competitive spirit of the game, and they just exploiting the system so they can jump the ratings with wins when it starts
  • What's so great about Korg anyway.. there's so many other champs that players would love to see more than that dude. Skurge and valkarie even make more sense.
  • What's so exciting about Korg? Seems like kind of a reach, pretty obscure character when there is so many other great champs. Valkarie would be more logical
  • I have r4 magik and she's a grade A attacker worth r4 for sure. I have mine r4 and use her often
  • Ghost is a good example of a champ that Angela would be effective against, as ghost is resistant to damage over time. Something Angela doesn't need to worry about
  • Angela in my experience excels on debuff immune enemies, as her damage does not rely on debuffing. I've put her on a team with cap IW and Thor to increase buff duration which is always nice too.
  • If they made defense synergies work instead of making the map more difficult we would get more diversity and difficulty. Instead of one or the other, as AW is full of dorm, IM IW, and the same defenders as the difficulty of the map increases.
  • Isee what you're saying. Looks like maybe it prevented parry from triggering and allowed the second part of her medium attack. That's never happened to me, but I agree that really sucks. That should not negate a block.
  • Each rank up is an investment in your roster. Would be too easy if you could just rank up and down at will. Rarely issuing rank down tickets is a good thing.
  • I agree, but there must always be balance in the force. The trinity doesn't need that much more more power
  • Spidergwen is female
  • Personally, sparky and GR don't really needed to be r5, I'm in the same boat I have r5 blade and unsure who to be my next r5. I'm thinking someone non trinity that holds their own.
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  • Carnage has the potential to do a good deal of damage with 5 fury buffs, but like venom its only useful in a drawn out fight, and u need the bleed power gain. Unfortunately, unlike venom, he doesn't have the HP to really make him all that viable in those long fights or lanes for that matter. fun concept, cool specials,…
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  • Cap iw is a bad ass unduped worth 4 with his huge heavy fury with kinetic charges directly into sp2. His synergies are very useful for questing as well. Particularly the tech one on lanes where specials are 50% reduced cost, plus his hulk synergy reduces damage over time effects like limbo, and Iceman etc. All being…
  • Void
  • He's good on certain nodes in war D
  • Robbie Reyes GR would be cool. Mandarin if done justice is a cool villain! Those rings of power alot can be done with that one. Definitely doctor doom, but that opens the whole fantastic 4 category, and super skrull. No shortage of Spidey villains, or mutants, so many there. Apocalypse can't believe we don't have him, of…
  • Players pretty much already know who's more likely to be on any given node based on the class, so it's not that much of a secret. Plus, you could always remove the indicator on bosses.
  • I'vebeen getting a disproportionate amount of t4 cosmic fragments and catalyst. I don't have any I'm super crazy about ranking either. I just ranked up 4* BB (who by the way has a rediculously low PI for being awakened) just so I don't have 3 cosmics expiring. For a Medusa 5* I don't I have lol
  • Or if there was a new character description tag that would represent whether unique synergies work in defense. In this manner you could pretty much pick and choose
  • I'm just saying, that node isn't a great node to say whether she's broken or not, it's built to amplify her abilities and her sig is probably 200. So yeah her abilities are going to fire quite a bit. Just like every other new champ boss when they came out. Tech champs are NEVER unlucky though. Her aar supposedly is a flat…
  • Just because your getting your ass kicked doesn't mean she's broken
  • See. Stop trying to make me rank crappy cosmic champions! Or maybe I could actually pull a useful one!!