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  • u mean the constant charges bug?
    yeah that one's still very alive and kicking... and probably will for another couple of months, or years.. or forever
  • (Quote) You're welcome.
    I knew 'cause same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I also thought I had been banned and simply couldn't imaging what for. Then I found a post saying it could be solved with adding an alternative payment met…
  • This issue is getting so freakin^ANNOYING!!!
    Every SINGLE freakin' day the same ****. I usually use my CG for most daily content and i have to chekc literally EVERY SINGLE time if the charges are there or not. Most of the times they're not and…
  • (Quote) i'm afraid this is a whole other known bug/problem the game has and which KABAM's incapable (or not interested) to fix for month now.
    you have two possibilities for solving this. you either add another means of payment (f.e. paypal) o…
  • The user that ranked 2nd in the last 4* arena (Destroyer of history) with a 873 PVP record (!!!) is called TimaS
    His Alliance is [Táo5] Bé Táo Channel. Every single one member's best champs is a 4* 4/5 lvl 40
    and every single one of the…
  • same happened to me now. it's not like I'm surprised that something like this happens, it's still KABAM's MCOC after all... a game filled over and over with bugs and blunders. And as much as I can see KABAM's only approach to address all the vario…
  • I received three E-Mails from KABAM support by now.
    In every single one they ask me the EXACT same **** and tell me to redo the EXACT same steps which already have not done ANYTHING to solve the problem.
    and this although it's so clear th…
  • Just happened to me right now in AW!!!
    I didn't pay attention he was in his 2nd phase already at the start. tried to stun him, got immediately destroyed-
    Alliance War already lost because of KABAM's ineptitude to actually fixing bugs like…
  • (Quote) ok. i tried to contact the support and exactly what i said. NO HELP.
    they just send me an e-mail response telling me i should do all the BS they already recommend on their webside. log-in, log-out, use another device, ect ect
  • Habe gerade unter einen der anderen Beiträge geschrieben, wie viele post mit Beschwerden über Bugs und sonstige Probleme alleine in den letzten 3 tagen alleine im englischsprachigen Foren erstellt wurden.
    Das Spiel wird imemr verbuggter... währ…
  • (Quote) Bin wegen eines anderen Problems wieder mal in's Forum zurückgekommen. Sehe gerade, dass in den letzten Tagen alleine im englischen Forum 3 oder 4(!!) Seiten mit neuen Beschwerden über Bugs erstellt wurden. Unglaublich, wie schlecht die Qu…
  • Have the same problem since today.
    I purchased some units yesterday and additionally for the first time traded in google play rewards points for some extra units. That worked. Today I now get this "purchase disabled/ please contact help" msg.<…
  • (Quote) an no, i did not contact KABAM support. simply because they won't do anything about it anyway
  • Same happened to me as of today I can't purchase units anymore.
    I purchased a unit package using a google play reward points, Is that the issue here?
  • Muss auch hier dem OP leider schweren Herzens zu 100% zustimmen.
    Für ein paar von unsSpielern wird das game praktisch unspielbar. Ich habe seit Wochen immer öfters das Problem, dass Blocken/Parieren/ausweichen, sprich also alles was auf der li…
  • Muss ich dir leider schweren Herzens recht geben, für ein paar der Spieler wird das game praktisch unspielbar. Ich habe seit Wochen immer öfters das Problem, dass Blocken/Parieren/ausweichen, sprich also alles was auf der linken Seite meines (NEUEN …