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  • Thank you guys! I thought that if I change my alliance now, I won't be eligible AT ALL for the gifting milestones because I wasn't in the alliance 14 days before the event started. Thanks a lot!
  • I have a question too about this. So the requirement was 14 days, right? Does this mean that if I join an alliance let's say today, I won't be eligible at all for the milestones, or I will become eligible after that 14 day period has passed (in this case a few days after the event starts)? Could anyone enlighten me about…
  • He’s a very good attacker for pretty much anything. He’s also an annoying pain in the ass to fight as a defender.
    in Kingpin Kommentar von IcsGrec November 2021
  • I had to open 40 T4CC to get ONE Tech. That’s the unfortunate way in which RNG works sometimes.
  • Why would gifting be cancelled? It’s extremely easy for them to implement a way in which they can prevent the “exploit” with new accounts and bla bla. I won’t give any ideas, unless specifically asked and I won’t do it public :smile: Stop believing what all trolls say via the internet regarding cancelling the event and…
  • The unit deals in the CW store are decent. (Some of them) The bonus item offers in the cash packs are dog cheeks. I.E. I would have preffered an extra 1000 6* shards in the 5$ pack instead of a nexus. But then again, the cavalier nexuses have proven to be a goos piece of business for them. As a combined overall, I would…
    in CW deals Kommentar von IcsGrec November 2021
  • I think the 1k units bundle will have: 5k 6* shards 15k 5* shards some 250k gold maybe some other junk Then the 3k units bundle won't be worth it and the 10k units is not affordable for most people. Based on 4th of July and last year's Cyber weekend, I think the 5$ packs will also give some 4-5k 6* shards each. Maybe a…
  • They can give 10 6* nexuses in the 5$ pack and there will still be some that will complain it's not enough.
  • CGR is maybe the best burst damage dealer in the game, if you play him right. So hitting 200k SP2's is "not doing well" ? Interesting. From what I saw here, most champs that were listed were "god tier" champs. I wouldn't say about either of them that they are overrated. Why are they overrated? Because they don't work for a…
  • I don't understand why people complain that the rewards were too low. Each week's SQ required like 1h of gameplay in total, for all 4 difficulties. If you explored everything, you got like 10k+ 5* shards, around 6k 6* shards, 2 or 3 world's end cavalier crystals and a bunch of other stuff. That's more than decent for the…
  • It MIGHT be a bit challenging if you don't have some counters, but overall I didn't find it too difficult. The rewards are ok for the amount of time you have to invest in it.
  • I have not checked Act 4 yet, but acts 1-3 all required a full walkthrough, even though I had done the completion run at some point. Probably NOT intentional, but I doubt it will get fixed :smile:
  • The dumb one is the one who pays, not the one who asks :wink: But yes, as someone mentioned above, MAYBE i'd pay this much for a 6* Herc. For a 6* Vision? Absolutely not.
    in Too costly? Kommentar von IcsGrec November 2021
  • I don't mean to be rude, but what content is getting too hard(er) ? What's your current story progression status? Level? Champs? Care to elaborate a bit?
  • MCOC is not a game that would make any sense to be played in 120hz. There is absolutely NO reason for which you need more than 60fps in this game.
  • The gifting event (and the xmas offers) are the best source of revenue. People have been complaining about alt accounts gifting main accounts for as long as I can remember, and I've been here for quite a while :smile:
  • That's not how a business works, and that's not how a software product is developed.
    in Game bugs Kommentar von IcsGrec November 2021
  • I haven't even pulled a 5* from the daily yet :cry: L.E. Cancel that, I just pulled my first one LOL
  • So you want challenging content, but not THAT challenging, as you don't want to die if you make a mistake.. That would be ... challenging..ish ?
  • I made an account last week. Tomorrow is day 7 so I get the 200 units from the login calendar. I have a few paths left to explore in Act 3, which I do on auto combat. By the time I'm done with them I'll have 3k units, gathered in a week with let's say 1, maybe 2 hours of gameplay per day.
  • I pulled Herc from the first 6* Feat, and then pulled X23, Spiderman2099, War Machine and Gamora :cry: I`ll keep trying to dupe that Herc (although I have a 5/65 one). I`m still debating with myself whether I should take unduped Herc to rank 3 or wait for the dupe.
  • There was a part exchange. Exchange parts for cash, lol :smiley:
  • Just start over. It takes like 10 minutes to do all paths with a rank 5 symbiote. Also, some punctuation marks will make your phrases much easier to read :smile:
    in Side quest Kommentar von IcsGrec November 2021
  • You might have missed something. I've opened the last crystal today, after the last objective.
  • Night TRASHer :frowning:
  • Because people like to complain :smile: As for the feature, maybe it wasn't needed, but I find the screen much cleaner now with the bar fading away when the opponent is launching a special.
  • Prefferably 9k+ prestige but it's not really a blocker. The only requirement is communication :smile:
  • Looking for 3 members. Gold 3 placement last season, aiming for at least the same for the next. Contact JonnyDemonic#0148 or IcsGrec#1966 in discord.
  • Well, I have decided to go for a basic... :D