• MCOC needs the following characters: Red Guardian Stryfe Yo-Yo Agent Coulson Warpath Shuri M’Baku Okoye Pyro Shocker Forge Quicksilver
  • Me personally, the hardest person to get is anyone in the arenas. I don't get it, I bust my butt to get through all the different point levels, do my best to keep a strong winning streak, and even resorted to playing after I completed everything, and still nothing. What am I doing wrong?
  • Also- Giant Man Wasp Ghost Wonder Man Shadowcat Tigra Agent May Mockingbird Quasar Shuri (either as herself or Black Panther or both) Captain Britain Captain America (Sam Wilson) Captain America (Sharon Carter) Crystal Blue Marvel Adam Warlock Deathlok Nimrod Sentinel Prime Onslaught Bishop Emma Frost Hellfire Club Omega…
  • Domino Warpath Boom Boom Cannonball Jubilee Havok Sabretooth USAgent( not a reskin either) Hobgoblin( not a reskin) Agent Coulsen
  • Yeah you might as well give that foolishness up, they’re not going to write code to get you something for free. The whole point of those PHCs is to get people to keep trying to get a three or four star hero by spending money on them. I’ve never gotten one, would either get duplicates or get two star ones. I’ve literally…
  • Man I would love to have this on the Apple TV, wonder why they haven’t done so? Is it too hard to configure?
    in Apple TV Kommentar von J226 September 2017