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  • I know multiple people who play this game religiously who do not spend yet still have that amount of units to blow if they want. It’s def possible for people to accrue that amount of units F2P. Coming from someone who doesn’t grind, if you don’t like the offers don’t buy them. Cavalier is still a great achievement in the…
  • I agree dude. Especially at this level of play. This is endgame content trying to make us use our whole roster. Safe to say I’ll be leaving this alone for a while until my roster is more diverse.
  • This is what I’m screaming! Dude doesn’t even remember what he’s arguing anymore. Demon you clearly said before that she was causing crit through blocks. Now zeezee is dexing? You can keep coming back to this page but I know exactly what I’m doing. I’m not releasing block and I’m not trying to dex in the middle of a combo.…
  • It doesn’t look the same at all. I can see you let go of the block. Not by your touch but by the reaction of Cap before he’s hit.
  • It’s clear as day that Hyperion does not let go of block. His block is held all the way up until the shot hits. Which causes the block to drop and he gets hit.
  • @zeezee57 this is someone from my alliance. Frame by frame. Here you can see that block was never released. Holding block. Then the next frame the block is BROKEN by the second 2nd hit of her double medium.
  • idk What this even means. Why would that matter? If you tried to evade it or broke the block a hit is a hit. I’m sure if you recorded a fight you can always find spots where the numbers show before the champion reacts to being hit. The screen shot that of a paused video that zeezee posted is a perfect example of what’s…
  • What I have been saying consistently no matter how many times you tell me I’m releasing my block the video posted proves that his block was broken. He is holding block and a crit for 7k pops up. Domino does not crit through blocks and never has. Not when I’ve been using her. And def does not crit for 7k through a block.…
  • Weird how it doesn’t say “to prevent summoners from releasing their block to early” it says from “champions releasing their block to early”. Does that mean it’s a bug related to our champions reaction? Idk guys. Does her medium bring us out of our block overriding our control?
  • I’m Cavalier. And right now I’m maxed on mystic and skill t4cc with one of each in my stash currently. I was maxed on cosmic as well until I just ranked venom to r4. I also had cosmics in my stash. Now I don’t run arenas as much as some do, but I do occasionally. My only ways for gold are BCs and events. Ranking my venom…
  • We are holding block. I’m not releasing block. I’m not stupid. I know you can’t evade her combo. It’s busting the block. Guaranteed. I’ll record every time I face her from now on to see if I can replicate it.
  • I knew people would come on here and say, even with video proof, that we were either releasing block or trying to dex. If I was doing those things then I wouldn’t have taken the time out of my day to post it here. I still have yet to hear from a mod saying anything about this. I have two phones to record this with but I…
  • I’m right there with you. I’m also someone who doesn’t have too much trouble with domino. I typically shallow evade her medium and then punish her with stark. I’m glad other people are seeing the same things. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that anyone of importance is going to say anything or provide us with any help.
  • I know what I’m doing. I’m not trying to evade her medium attack at all. I’m simply holding block waiting for her combo to end. Then the second gunshot is going right through my block and she wrecks me. I have now found that this is ONLY happening in war from my experiences. It is not happening in duels or the small…
  • So I would take the time to come on here and post something like this if I wasn’t experiencing it? Cmon man. It is happening. And no one is acknowledging it. I know I’m not releasing my block. She’s shooting right through it. Even if I had proof of it I’m sure someone say I was releasing the block. The bug is back. And we…
  • I remember that. I feel like it’s the same bug as that. Since he has the ability reduction it seems it’s causing her to break the blocks. It did take forever for that to get fixed. The way the game has been lately, we deserve something for this bs we are facing on a daily basis. If it’s not this it’s always something else.…
  • I agree here. Seems like every champ AI has been updated somehow. Seems worse after the patch. Now my dexterity timing is off. Sentinel was fine for me before the patch and now seems faster with their fix than before the patch.
  • My last 2 5* pulls. Opened another today but got Ronan. Can’t win them all I guess lol
  • This was the team I used. I would say I’m skilled. But I’m not at an insane level here. I only have one r5 which I couldn’t use here and was only able to use a 6* plus r4 domino. I know dom can be a cheat code at times but I didn’t find him any more difficult that the EQ. You should be bringing someone who can do major…
  • 300 units is kinda crappy. Considering we bought the package that contained 850 or however much it is we should be refunded for that unit pack or a full refund of the money we spent. It’s either or. Throwing a random unit number in there is bogus.
  • I’m not sure if anyone has said this, but Nebula is a great counter to the Ultron in 6.1.2. As soon as she gets hit with the shock she turns it into 5 charges which decreases Ultrons accuracy by 100%. Then it’s a normal fight on through just don’t parry. Never worry about shock or spite again. I used my 6* nebula in 5.4…
  • I used CapIW. Mine is duped and brought my spark so he causes petrify but it’s not 100%. Still took him down in about 80 hits.
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  • Waiting on the next batch of 5*s to drop before opening 2 more crystals. Hoping for the best or I might be done for good. I've had some terrible luck lately and its making me lose interest after almost 3 years.
  • Where are you seeing a 90 character limit? I've been using it for at least 2 years and I know I've typed almost full pages in Line. This guy is right though. Notes are easily accessible. Polls can be created to vote on issues or for rank up options. We have BG chats a global chat and a command chat for the leader and…
  • A generic gem?? Who are your other options for that? Either way I rank x23.
  • I have this problem in AQ constantly. If I do happen to slip up and get hit a few times, it takes almost the rest of the map to heal up because the fights are too short. Especially when you get to day 5 and the regen just doesn't want to proc for you
  • If your forced to choose I go x23. Wolverine has his uses but overall x23 still gives the regen, although not as much, and her damage is way higher than wolvie. You have a rank up option between these two?
  • You should be more specific. If you want regen then a duped wolverine is the perfect one for you. X23 has higher damage but her regen is less and she's capped at only 5 bleeds. But I have a 4/55 x23 and she's a monster. I also still use my duped wolverine so give or take. They are both great.