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  • Its Daimen thank you next . I just wont invest that much for this **** I didnt know this I figure you reach that milestone viola it's yours thank you for playing but apparently not but anywho I still grind but going back to my regular schedule. …
    in Ranked Rewards Kommentar von Nat6 April 2019
  • I finished went passed the 640,000 for the fire storm you guys are **** kidding me right 11 to 25% I'm like really. All I got was that I completed and then went on you guys are completely and totally all this work for that if that what all I'm not …
    in Ranked Rewards Kommentar von Nat6 April 2019
  • So I gotta 37 duplicates 5 star crystal to a 6 stars well with that drop rate I got more to go .. And that's the only way . And you dont sell them how come that's stupid . ANYWAYS KABAM dont care if u want more money why dont u sell them that's m…
  • I agree with Sly the packages need to be more worthy of us but 1st KABAM should know who puts the money in there pockets they do throw us a bone once in a while but it's not enough I'm here to play I have almost all the characters I want I'm only …
  • Is nick fury a by with the drop rate twat are my chance of getting him they are just like get Havoc around a 1 to 2 percent .now I've tried all I want now is HAVOC then I couldnt care less for $30 with 1 crystal that's less 2% the odds are not i…
  • Just voicing my opinion I'm not telling you to go way voicing an opinion is constructive My peace is being said and am I hurting anyone if you get butt hurt by what I say get tougher skin
  • Whatever it is I hope we can get the characters we like can for a right price I would **** myself and hell is frozen over . It's some rubbish well let's wait & see
  • Dude im still I hear yah I ve tryin for Captain Marvel and all I get is El Toro pooh pooh and it reeks very fowl I have 1 but I keep them and I still and play them I still beat players you can win With crappy characters. I swore I never give a di…
  • I'm really pissed off @ kabam I had the money I purchased it but never went thru I had money next thing I know they did take it and money was there . So I guess your lucky it actually gave u it u or did u drop rate it
  • So 2000 and late very mediocre but it is what it is next time come thru for ANDROID USERS
  • When in February is he coming He is my favorite of all period. Damn I hope he can purchased cause no way I get him with that drop rate racket you guys use been tryin with captain marvel or ms marvel (kamila) my favorite female your drop rates pla…
  • I purchased 2 items tony starks 850 coins for $29.99 and the 11/26/18. $4.99 special left to errands came back to half or some my purchase . I'm like wtf been leaving messages I keep telling I did do nothing I purchased I just what's right I'm not…