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  • Believing that homosexuality is bad isn’t an illness. It’s just being ignorant. Big difference
  • @UmbertoDelRio introducing a profile picture supporting lgbtq has to have some reason or meaning behind it. They could introduce one for people who wanted to support pride month or something. Randomly introducing one for no reason is just straight up pandering and not showing genuine support. Second of all, how do we even…
  • @King_Leo321 Your English is terrible. It seems that you are completely unaware of the meaning of “phobia”. Googling the meaning of phobia could do you some good
  • Also, your view is so convoluted, that it’s not even funny. No straight people or homophobic people are afraid that homosexuals will take their places. As a straight male, I have no problem with homosexuality and I think that sexuality really doesn’t matter at the end of the day
  • @King_Leo321 basic reading comprehension could help you. I never said that I was triggered. I simply said there are better ways to show support for lgbtq people. Also “jealousy” lol. Of what? I have nothing to be jealous about and I’m not “triggered”
  • They don’t ban without cause. You either cheated or participated in account sharing
  • @Ya_Boi_28 sorry, I misinterpreted your comment. Ignore what I said lol
  • @Ya_Boi_28 not everyone who disagrees is automatically homophobic...that’s not how it works.
  • @UmbertoDelRio simply explaining something to someone will not do any good. You could name 100 reasons why the earth is not flat with complete factual evidence, and there are still some people who will never agree with it. That’s how the world works. If you think that you could somehow convince others that ignorant people…
  • @UmbertoDelRio pointing out one persons ignorance will not accomplish anything. Our society will eventually get better and become more accepting of things like lgbtq. We wil advance even with ignorance. Why? Because there are still more competent people than ignorant people. Eventually, the amount of ignorant people will…
  • @UmbertoDelRio this is the wrong place to voice that opinion bud. Ignorance will always be present in the world. The world is definitely more accepting of lgbtq now than it was 20 years ago. As more time goes on, more people will also start to accept it as wel. You arguing with random people on the internet is not going to…
  • @GroundedWisdom but will bringing anything into this marvel game actually change anything? I doubt that anything would actually happen
  • @UmbertoDelRio you misunderstand me. You can try and educate them, but you’ll fail every time. Why? Because they have their beliefs set in stone. People follow confirmation bias, and only use whatever you say to disprove you and further fuel their own beliefs. It’s nearly impossible to change another persons mind.
  • @UmbertoDelRio just give up I said before, despite your facts (which are objectively true) people will still believe whatever they want to believe. Even though there’s nothing wrong with transgenderism, there are people who subjectively believe that it is wrong despite the facts. Just leave them alone. They…
  • @UmbertoDelRio but at the end of the day, regardless of objective fact that the earth is round, there are still people who subjectively believe it is not. There’s nothing you can do to change their minds regardless of how wrong they are
  • @UmbertoDelRio literally no one here is offended by lgbtq people. No one has shown anything but support for them, just not through the means that the OP asked for
  • @UmbertoDelRio thats true mate. It’s sad that that isn’t the case. However, I still believe that releasing such a profile picture wouldn’t do much good. It’s hard to change one persons opinion, much less a whole community of people. I’m a firm believer that everyone should be treated equally regardless of political views,…
  • @UmbertoDelRio you're going so off topic at this point. Let’s agree on a couple things first. Yes homosexuality is natural. No, there isn’t anything wrong with the game showing support for that. Releasing characters with lgbtq backgrounds would be a great way to show support without making it a huge deal
  • @Mercury79 everyone is equal. I agree with that completely. Why do we need a profile picture to show that?
  • @UmbertoDelRio when did this turn into a debate about it whether homosexuality is natural or not? We were talking about the game specifically. In that case, I’m straight naturally. Let’s make a straight white male profile picture and hand that out to everyone
  • @UmbertoDelRio take your SJW **** and get out of here
  • @Mercury79 exactly. Apparently if you don’t want a rainbow profile picture in the game, you’re automatically a “bigot” and “homophobic” it’s stupid honestly
  • @UmbertoDelRio your view is based on fact that has nothing to do with our argument. We all know homosexuality is natural, and I’m not debating that. I have yet to hear through all the bs you’re spitting about bigotry in our community. What would a rainbow profile picture accomplish? Would it change people’s minds on…
  • @Wagar thats what I think as well. Like I said before though, I wouldn’t mind the introduction of more characters that are Lgbtq. That would be a more subtle hint of representation without making it seem like pandering
  • @UmbertoDelRio second of all, my “flawed world view” is completely subjective. I can view this situation in a completely different way than you do. That doesn’t make my view flawed and yours correct. Everything you have said so far is coming from your opinion, not solid fact
  • @UmbertoDelRio it wouldn’t bother me. I just see no reason for it in a game about marvel where champions fight other characters. On the other hand, there’s much better ways to show support indirectly. Releasing more characters from the comics who are LGBTQ is better than releasing a profile pic for no reason
  • @UmbertoDelRio you sound stupid right now. There’s nothing wrong with LGBTQ people. Why bring a profile picture supporting LGBTQ into a game about marvel characters fighting? That’s just pandering at that point. If they introduce a character from the comics (other than that trash about the new warriors) that are LGBTQ,…
  • @lowlevelplayer ah sorry if I came off as rude. Yeah starburst sucks. Wait till you get to 6.2.1 exploration. There’s a venom with starburst, lifecycle, aspect of war, and buffet. I still get Vietnam flashbacks from that fight
  • I’ve done v2 100% (only v1 left) and did the first 2 chapters of v1 100%. Finished act 6 and explored 6.1. Working toward 6.2 100% right now. On my alt, I did an initial clear of 6.2 and started exploring v3. I’m currently pushing for 100% labyrinth with Aegon
  • @GroundedWisdom hope you enjoy that HT! I’m super jealous as I still haven’t pulled him