Due to issues affecting Alliance Wars, Alliance War Season 36 will be postponed until August 19th, 2022 and the minimum number of Wars Summoners are required to participate in to qualify for rewards will be reduced to 4.

The currently active War will not count towards the Season.



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  • I changed the motion smoothness to "standard 60hz" after I noticed dropped inputs and odd random dashes and heavies and my experience has been solid ever since. I'm on an s21+. Settings > Display > Motion Smoothness > standard. Hope that helps someone!
  • I also haven't received my DPX 5* arena rewards.
  • I take CSWS in map 7 with Thing and the Champion synergy. You guys gonna nerf my ability to timeout at 1HP while indestructible is active as well? This Corvus Map 7 interaction has been in place for 2 years and is a major reason that some paths are even doable without massive item use. There's no question people use AG's…
    in AQ Timeout Kommentar von TheJalli Mai 2020
  • Havok is definitely a worthy option.
  • To only include 1 RNG t5cc at the end of exploration seems criminal. I was expecting something along the lines of 1 for completion and 2 for exploration. Even the inclusion of a t5cc selector would have been appropriate for the end of a year's worth of content. I will say that the T2A, T5B and gold seem to be a balanced…
  • I've been running that path since inception with an r5 Morningstar. I bring Guilly to start with two souls. Occasionally I'll get a timeout on Shulk because she's so passive, but otherwise MS is a great matchup for all of the fights and many of the section 3 lanes as well. Make sure you build up to 5 souls along the way to…
  • She has a % chance to remove any debuff when striking a science opponent (it's her sig ability).
  • Same thing happened to me, why should anyone assume that it is a previous feature crystal. I wanted the current feature pool, not the previous one. I'm really hoping this is an error.