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  • Your Archangel is duped correct? I have a 6-star unduped and 5-star duped AA I could bring.
  • Does Force of Will node affect Apocalypse's evade counter ability? The node description makes it sound that accuracy can't be reduced, while Apocalypse's ability says it 'bypasses evade' and is not affected by AAR.
  • Anyone think Stryfe will have a use here? I am considering Quake + Apoc + Cable + Stryfe + CGR, but from what I have seen, Apoc/Cable don't actually do all that many fights.
  • How long did your Quake fights take? I took my Quake recently into 7.2, and it was so slow I quit and used different champions.
  • May I ask what makes him good now? My eyes always glaze over when I read buff notes, since number changes don't mean much to me (Eg. "duration is changed to 2 seconds instead of 1 second", or 'fury buff now does 2000 instead of 1500")
  • I don't know specifically regarding the argument of Cable v Emma. But, I just R2'd my Cable, and don't really envision him needing to be R3. His playstyle (with Apocalypse) is to just parry+heavy and stack Degens. This means it doesn't really matter what stats get a bump up in going to R3. Looking at, the bump…
  • I think he is affected by Second Child syndrome. When people think Spider-verse counter, Venom comes to mind. When people think poison immune, Robots and Hulks come to mind. When people think poison debuff, Immortal Abomination comes to mind (heck I personally think about Abomination and Antman, before remembering…
  • What's fun is to use the SP1 and then just let them wack at you for a few seconds. Not very practical in content where you can get KO'd quickly from just a few hits, but it's entertaining.
  • Those who think removing infinite Stun-lock is something that deserves compensation are high on something. On the flip side: As a support for changing his rotation - as a defender, Shang-Chi did a full 5-hit combo, causing me to be stunned, then another 5-hit combo, and chained into SP1, leading to another stun, and then…
  • I know its very low odds in general, but is it better/same odds of this Preview bundle compared to the Feature (Eg. The crystal that will have Mister Negative / Shang Chi) to get a 5/6-star Mister Negative?
  • In anything where people are competing for a desired, limited resource, the idea that "I put in X-amount of effort so that means I am entitled to Y-reward" is laughable. If this idea is true, someone who grinded 116 million points should earn more rewards, and someone who grinded 114 million points should earn less, all…
  • While I agree that 1.6 million points is a joke to get nothing but PHC shards, no one has to go for the higher milestones at all. If you only go for 350,000 points, you get 4 Votes, 2500 battlechips, and 30 units. And you are missing out only on 2 votes. Summoner's trial has 300,000 point milestone giving a cumulative 42…
  • Tl;dr - New arena format increases the number of rounds needed, and play sessions needed, to get the same rewards. I am someone who did only a few milestones in each arena in the past, so this perspective is for someone who does not do arena to get the champion, or to get the ranked rewards.. Number of Rounds: From my…
  • The event is fine, but the design around the objectives are just annoying. If you're doing arenas, you have to either have memorized what class and fight ender to use (Light attack, special, etc), or exit all the way back to the base menu screen and bring up the objectives, then go back into your fight. Since I was just…
  • Yeah I have noticed it too. Sometimes, I will have banked up 5 charges, then dex and it just disappears. Other times, it won't register the charge either. Seems like Pacify mastery can be a double edged sword.
  • did Void do anything for you (path or Mordo)?
  • Reading through the spotlight is a little confusing to me. Is it essentially: With combos: Able to inflict Slow/Stun debuff, gain Cleanse/Unblockable. Chi charges: Spend charges inflict these buffs/debuffs Bank chi charges for burst damage (using heavy beforehand) Heavy: After using that combo (unready), heavy to ready the…
  • From champion spotlight: " Always Active: Critical Hits grant +34.15 Critical Damage Rating for the rest of the fight. Max 300 hits." The SP3 description also says 'rest of the fight.' Does rest of the fight mean - this single fight, or for the remainder of the quest?
  • Namor may have more damage than Omega Red or not (never used Namor, even pre-nerf, so I have no opinion there), but Omega Red definitely has a lot more utility than Namor. Namor's specific utility might be better (all attacks reflect all damage) than that specific part of OR (just tentacles), but OR brings so much more to…
  • The Tigra synergy is part of the long history of 'champion buff via synergies'. Look at all the 'new abilities' that Captain America and Cap WWII get via synergies as a way to entice people to use him. Crappy champion + interesting synergy = People still aren't likely to use the champion. Buffed champion = People seem…
  • So now we will have three Misters and two Missus - that means we need Miss America Chavez to come to the game.
  • Would you say there is any point ramping Aegon more on Darkhawk (like using revives on Aegon), or is doing one run with Aegon and banking ~50 combo enough going into Luke Cage?
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  • I feel I notice this most often when I am trying to complete a Daily Objective (End fight with heavy, DoT effect, SP1/2/3), where I think that X-attack is enough to end the fight and give me a count towards the Objective. Most of the time, Corvus' SP2 KO's the enemy, yet when I am trying to go for the SP2 daily objective,…
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  • Synergies seem pretty interesting. Turns Thor Rag into a potential parry + heavy champion. Does this shock stack? Patriot Garrison seems interesting as well - wonder if there is a Can't Stop Won't Stop + Stun Immune node combination somewhere. 1 second does seem long enough to get a heavy off so could have use in Stun…
  • Yeah, it seems like a lot of people are voting for based on who they have as a 6-star (understandable as they'd see immediate benefit,). Some people vote based on which specific champion's kit is most lackluster (Antman for example). Some vote based on how it might benefit their questing team (Ghost users for example,…
  • If one has max Omega Red, and just pulled a Stryfe, does Namor's damage reflection still provide a use? Both OR and Stryfe have attacks that can ignore damage back. I know Namor's ability has the added benefit of including debuff damage in addition, but is that worth it?
  • I wonder if Mr. Negative will lead to phone lagging issues. As a side note, it is pretty funny that there are disagrees on OP's post. Disagreeing with a twitter link? Disagreeing with the second champion being Mr. Negative? Disagreeing that a motion comic is coming out in two days?
  • Considering Joe Fixit and Kamala are the poster child meme tier champions, pretty surprised they are both in last place. And I wasn't aware there were so many Guillotine stans either.
  • I am pretty surprised about the level of support for Agent Venom and Guillotine, as it seems like nobody talks about them (either as memes or as underrated champions).
  • I don't have Odin, and don't know how it interacts with the Horseman ability, but all of the mutants would benefit from Shock resistance and Protection buff. The only thing that could be different between champions is the Aptitude buff (which boosts Fury, Armor, or Precision), but most mutants aren't known for these types…