Zuletzt aktiv


  • completely wrong analogy, more like spend 1000$ to buy a lottery ticket for a 10 million$ lottery. hey! you won! then they revise the decision saying it's a 10$ lottery and they will return all your tickets for another lottery but not the money you spent on them. but hey! you can keep the 10$ you won. Congratulations!
  • Where is the "rebalance" on Silver Surfer? he is as good as kamala Khan!! he was the most anticipated champ for the year and is a complete dud. Where is your data? Or do we have to wait 6 months to rank him up?
  • Given that you can rebalance champs at whim, why should we spend any money in getting the new champs? I have spent a few thousands myself getting namor and cull . Do I get any of that investment back or do I stop spending and become a free to play user because there is no value for my money in this game?
  • @"Kabam Miike" if there is a bug in the game that lets people clear paths quickly, and some use that to clear off some of the content before it gets fixed, does that count as an exploit that they would get banned for?
  • @"Kabam Miike" with so many changes to the game content, is there any plan for bringing back scarlet witch, wolverine, widow and thor as 5*. With so many good tier champs out there, why are they being left out?
  • When you say big payoff, do you mean there is something at the end of the month apart from the Crystal's we got at the end of each difficulty? if yes, does that mean we have to finish all the difficulties for this big payoff?
  • Kabam Jimbo, any idea when the announcement on the champs for the next 6* featured will be? need to make a few life changing decisions based on that :'D