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  • This does nothing to enhance his damage just gives him abit of utility which is missing
  • Another bug interaction with willpower and robots ,I thought robots cannot Regen from willpower but in final quest Kang boss on the path for long distance relationship because of the weakness debuffs void melts all champs including robots as they ar…
  • Power/regent/invulnerability boosts were mentioned,so I have to ask this question these boosts only apply to your offense only or defense as well and if only attack do they act as buffs like regen is a buff will the boost for regen act like a buff t…
  • Dormammu vs magik broke as well when fighting her instead of power drain on his medium it generates power on magik with power steal appearing on magik very odd, whenever doing sp2 or medium with dormmamu power steal appears on her wtf is this bug yo…
  • Read my op properly, I guess no one got the point its not the issue about limbo its about how some of the nodes work in aw which really is surprising ,bug potentially or not idk just mentioned it out there I personally don't like the idea of nerfs a…
  • I'd need more clarification regarding these nodes sp2 sp1 bias start whether its like power gain but I don't think so, power gain node is different and start with power bar completely two different nodes/description needed start with sp1 or sp2 does…
  • I play tier 1 aw on a consistent basis and beaten so many magiks limbo is not a huge deal but there is something wrong on sp1 bias node whether unlockable or not limbo should not trigger at that start unless she uses the special or reaches the secon…