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Who should I rank up to L5

Heading into Act 5.2 who should I rank up to L5

Who should I rank up to L5 16 votes

Dr. Voodoo
SaiyanMrLalowDOKTOROKTOPUSCoachLedStagedear85LordNeoSparkyCzPennmabob 8 votes
Ghost Rider
Spity68Iron_SkywalkerRasilovercx23433Nb2121TheSquish671BatsiiBlackOracle 8 votes


  • SaiyanSaiyan Posts: 727 ★★★★
    Dr. Voodoo
    Tough choice but both are amazing and both are god tier. Only thing, are they both awakened? Because of the 2 Voodoo needs to be awakened to be a god tier.

    Biggest advantage for GR over Voodoo is bleed immune and part of the Trinity (Blade and Sparky). Other than that, Voodoo out DPS's him and is better at power control and has ability reduction also.
  • Duke12202Duke12202 Posts: 28
    Both are awakened.
    But I also have a 5* unawakened stark spidey and a 4* unawakened Blade.
    Dr. Voodoo
    both are great so, is up to you
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