Becoming uncollected

Hey guys, please I need you to kindly help me decide which of my champ should I focus on ranking up as to face the collector and 100% act 4 exploration. What champs will also be good to explore master event quest. Thanks for your advice. t3xzh6uao78p.png


  • Your roster looks like you're still fairly new to the game. I would personally focus on Blade, Stark Spiderman, and Medusa as your three best attack champs. I would consider ranking up Scarlet Witch if you eventually awaken her.

    At some point you're going to want power control, and your best options there at the moment are Hawkeye and Vision. I would go Vision first because he also buys you a bleed immune champ (Medusa is poison immune, Vision is immune to both). I would prefer VIsion to be awakened for the power steal, but bleed immune + power control makes him useful enough I think on that roster.
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    You could attempt to push, but if it becomes too difficult with boosts, I suggest falling back and exploring act 4 and the monthly event quest(s)
  • Thanks @DNA3000 have been playing since march, am more of a causal player tho. Thanks again for the feedback.
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