14 mill Ally 5x5, AW Gold, LINE Req, in need of a few players come the close of this AW Season

[X-101] - The Phoenix Force

We have 1 immediate opening, and at LEAST 3 more coming at the end of this AW Season. We suffered some hard blows this season with some disloyalty from new comers, some set backs, and we now have a few of our core players that are retiring from the game. We require at least 4 active/loyal heads. Players that understand loyalty, teamwork, and communication = growth. We're looking for a players that are capable of finishing AQ Map 5x5 WHILE running AW Season, consistency is KEY. That has 12+ 4* R5/50 or 5* R3/45, & 3+ 5* R4+ or 6* R1+ or better. LINE app is REQUIRED to maintain communication during AQ and AW. We understand that this a game, and not your life here. We're asking for participation, and communication. Everyone that has stuck around has grown quite well. We need a few who are willing to stay the course, and rock out together. This Alliance is all about making things work, and do so by sticking together (just the same, reward leeches will not be tolerated). NO HOT HEADS or DRAMA QUEENS here, nor wanted here. We like to maintain a chill and positive atmosphere here. This is a game after all, and it SHOULD be fun. We all have off days. Just a fact of life. No one here will make you feel like you're a bad player if you have an off day. So you keeping us informed helps even on your off days. Sometimes a few words can do more than diving in at random. So here's a quick recap of the Alliance...

-Weekly SA (We typically get the 500k milestone reward weekly)
-AQ Prestige 5,826 - average 115-120 Million points weekly
-AQ participation in Map 5x5 (DONATIONS REQUIRED WEEKLY) 135k Gold, 30k BC, 12.5k Loyalty
-Current War rating 1,573 Tier 6-3 - We landed Gold 1 Season 2 & 3
-Line App a MUST
-No major/unreasonable expectations here (meaning no event mins, just participation to the best of your ability)
-We always complete peak milestones for Item Use, Completion, and all other Alliance Events short of the arena ones.
-Looking for level 60 players with a 350k+ rating that has 12+ 4* R5/50 and/or 5* R3/45, & 3+ 5* R4/55 or 6* R1+ champs or better
-Minimum Prestige of 5,400+ is REQUIRED; higher is always better and welcomed
-We are primarily a North American Alliance. We're looking for 2 North American Players, and 2 overseas players for our primarily overseas BG. A basic understanding of English is needed to maintain communication during AW and AQ.

If you feel you're a good fit, feel free to get back to me. Please contact via LINE as the in game messaging seems to malfunction for me at the WORST of times. Looking forward to your messages. Have fun out there!

IGN - Sirius Break
Line ID - siriusbreak

P.S. - We've maintained the core lineup of players for a long time so, we're ideally looking for a long term players who want a place to stay for the long haul. Most of our players have been here for months, some years. Personally been here over 1 year and a half. We like to maintain a a tight knit crew who can depend on one another. Come join our little family at X-101.


  • Would love to join. I'm use to running map 5x5 with an 11 mil rated alliance, but I don't meet the prestige or champ requirements. If you can't find anyone I would love the consideration and would be able to pull my own weight no problem. Can message you on Line if no one bites.
  • Still looking for 1, possibly 2 more players. One will be departing when SA rewards drop. To update, we're 14.3 rated, with a 1,718 war rating now. Landed Gold 2 due to the aforementioned problems at the beginning of the Season. We're amidst a restructure in a few categories, including dropping dead weight. Contact me on Line app with any questions. Looking froward to your messages. Note, mainly looking for US based players now.
  • One immediate opening available now. Will need another there after. US players. Contact me ASAP.
  • _BORIS__BORIS_ Posts: 31
    Added you IG check my lastest post to see my roster.
  • I saw BORIS. But you clearly didn't read the post. You're not ready for us. Still looking for 2.
  • Hey check my profile in game Kevin.ba
  • @KevinBosnianChampion - hit me up on Line app. Need to know more. Line ID - siriusbreak

    Still looking for 1, possibly 2.
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