HELLCOW will be a god tier champion I made up some stuff but i would love to see this champion get added to the contest soon kabam :smiley:

sp1 Hellfire (cyclops, morningstar like animation) - causes incinerate (3)

sp2 Hot horns (Taskmaster, Carnage Like animation) - Causes 3 armor breaks and 1 concussion debuff

sp3 Hell itself (Venom like animation) - Gives HELLCOW 1 furys permanant fury and causes opponent to bleed and armor break an incinerate 80% chance for each debuff to apply

HELLCOW can get up too 3 furys a fight carrying them on to the next fight max furys are 10 total only carrys the furys through 4 fights than the fury counter goes back to 0

Signature ability:
HELLCOW gains a random permanant buff every 10 seconds* varys on sig level e.g. regen, fury ect. can be changed kabam just a random idea

:blush: kabam i would love to see this champ about the same i made her just a request her specials and anamations can be changed according to your needs :blush:
Thanks: GamePlayWorld :smile::smile:


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