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Not long ago there was a limited release GM Crystal with Electro as a 5* in it. Are there any plans to add him or any of the other original champs that didn't go beyond 4* into the regular 5* pool, or will there be additional limited time GM crystals for any of them like the one that was out for Electro?

I only ask because when I start seeing champs like Emma Frost on the 6* schedule it seems really silly to continue to say Electro, BW, SW, DS, OG Thor, Wolverine and others are too OP to be a 5*. What some of these newer champs can do (and not just Emma) is more OP than any of the originals ever were, yet these champs are being released as 5* and 6* variations.

I really feel a 5* BW should be released as she is one of very few reliable counters to Korg who also is a 6* now, yet I can't get BW past the 4* variety. That said I'd really like to see them all as 5 and 6 stars eventually, and don't worry if you ever do release them I'm sure I won't be lucky enough to pull any of them once, let alone twice. Also I see you released WW2 as a 6* but he was never released as a 5*, curious what changed with that decision and will we ever see WW2 as a 5* also?

Thanks in advance to any Kabam employees who see this post and take the time to respond.


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    Although I cannot agree with the statement " What some of these newer champs can do (and not just Emma) is more OP than any of the originals ever were", I wholeheartedly agree with you otherwise.

    First of all, pre-nerf 5* Thor, SW and DS would have been able to oneshot basically everything. If you believe that any of the new champs would even stand a chance, think again. Medusa would never have been a great defender. DS would destroy her easily. IMIW? Thor his ass with an SP3 about halfway and no sig ability. Etc.

    That being said, in their nerfed post-12.0 state, there is no reason not to release them as 5*. SW is probably closest to what she was. My 4-40 is still oneshotting Medusa 5* bosses in war. But DS is just average now. Not even talking about BW because there are so many harder hitting ability accuracy reducers that there is no reason not to release her. Thor = Angela, basically, so why not? The God they hardly touched, SL, is available as a 5*...just saying...
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    So I appreciate your response, but I am hoping for facts not more opinions in regards to my questions, and the only people that could provide those facts will have yellow lettering and a Kabam Admin badge on their response.

    That said, no 4*'s last long in high prestige alliance quests, high tier war, or end game content like Uncollected Monthly quests.
    Just the block damage you take alone from 6* 's in two or three perfect fights will get you killed. If one actual hit connects you're usually done. In alliance quests (once prestige gets to a certain level) if you even try to fight a boss or mini boss with a 4* a time-out is usually going to be your best possible end result.
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    Also in regards to your examples of IMIW and Medusa, in tier 4 and up both will autoblock and take out most any 4* in one combo pre or post nerf, so I'm not sure I can agree with your logic there. Again thanks for the constructive opinion though. I really just wanna know if Electro is ever going to be released as a 5* again though and will any other OG champs be released as a 5* ever even in a limited run like Electro was.
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