Rogue vs. Passive Buffs/Debuffs

JDunk2291JDunk2291 Posts: 199
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With how the game is shaping and changing maybe an update to Rogue being able to steal Passive buffs as well ex. (Sabretooth's Regen, Bishop's Prowess, Emma's Ice Armor, and Killmonger Armor) and so and so forth. Also shrugging off Omega Reds Spores Faster. This will provide more utilty and more use Rogue for the balance of the game for the future changes to come. Just my thoughts


  • I really like rouge, and if you would change it to being able to steal charges that would be great but no I would rather her not be able to steal passives that would make some fights way to easy, I am a sabertooth user and if I got caught by an sp1 in a war or quest with a full load of furies the life steal is done after the buffs are stolen so I would be wreaked she would zoom back to full health and on top of that I'd lose my furies. So no thanks, this would be cool though and may make me dust rouge off and get her back in the fight more often.
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