Hawkeye vs Thor Rags

So not sure if its a bug or just something I never noticed before but when I lets loose a sp1 on Rags his boon of the gods stopped and he reverted to 0 power. I don't use rags as I do not have him awakened so this saved my streak in area so I was happy with what happened but this seems like it should be a bug. As that is really the only thing rags has going for him as a defender is that boon, looking forward to a response I did not look it up but this does seem messed up to me.


  • TheSquish671TheSquish671 Posts: 2,817 ★★★★★
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    Power gain stops when knocked down by special attacks, and hawkeye's sp1 power drained whatever power was leftover.
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    Sounds good I did not know that Thanks man
  • Thrag also has a 30% chance to autoblock intercepts, plus people get caught by his power gain mechanic. My 6* gets a kill every now and then.
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