[OD1N] Asgardians is recruiting! 16.6m alliance, Gold 1 war season, AQ 5x5

RKO_meRKO_me Posts: 104
edited October 2018 in Alliance Recruitment
Hey folks! OD1N (of RichTheMan fame) is recruiting new members to join our group. Some things to know first:
Alliance rating: 16.6M
Alliance War season: Gold 1 with a goal to get into platinum
We do 5 days of map 5 for AQ
Requirements: Donations of 135k gold, 30k BC and 12.5k loyalty every week
9k for SA every week
2.5k for item use
15k for completion
at least one 5/65 5*
Overall, we are a very chill group of lads that require team work and communication. A little bit of skill wouldn't hurt either. We only have 1 rule: Slacking=kick!

If you are interested, please respond with your Line ID and we can talk.



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