Need one more for war defense

HoidCosmereHoidCosmere Posts: 550 ★★
Which one of these 5 is best for war defense. None awakened , all sank rank and level.

Black Bolt
Iron Fist

None of them will be used in attack.



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    Stark78AlfaStark78Alfa Posts: 502
    I'd go with Crossbones.
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    ThawnimThawnim Posts: 1,461 ★★★★
    Moon Knight or Venom, but none are really that great.
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    SaiyanSaiyan Posts: 727 ★★★★
    Moonknight or Venom indeed. MK can catch people off when he can evade and really catch people off on his stun phase and they miss up.
    Vemon has be annoying with his animations and quickfire SP2. But as Thawnim said, they aren't the best. But they are the best of those choices.

    Black Bolt is a joke on any type of defense cuz his SP2 kills himself
    Iron Fist is easy to bait and his defenses are weak and squishy
    Crossbones doesn't add much to defense either, his's SP2 can be annoying but that's about it if he's not awakened to shrug of a parry stun to catch you off and mess you up.
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    HoidCosmereHoidCosmere Posts: 550 ★★
    Thanks, I think I will send Venom, just got Moonknight so I will quest with him during AQ and AW.
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