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I posted this to another thread but I figured it could use it's own thread. Tell me what you all think. Just remember, some of these are supposed to be minor changes that help champs be better. Nothing extensive like the LC or Carnage changes. Some are like the change to Juggs this month.

Mag(s): Just make it something like Danger Sense where they also get an attack boost.
Abom: Yes, just make his attacks have a basic chance to poison which is an obvious fix.
DPX: Add a regen to his power gain maybe? Also add that bleed on each hit to him normally without the sig needed. Put the regen on his sig or something. Maybe give him a little Prowess charge or two, not to much like Bishop but enough to make his Specials look decent and have some good bleed damage.
Cap OG and Cap WWII: Add a chance concussion effect for attacks that land with his shield only.
Gamora and Hawkeye: Give them the Luke Cage treatment and make the sigs not only once.
Groot and OML: As you said, give them higher burst potential when they snap (OML would be crazy strong because he already can do some good damage if you get enough stacks).
Cyclops(s): Give their beams some extra effects, maybe Incinerate or something considering Hyperion also shoots eye lasers and his Incinerate is amazing
DS: Better regen and add him as a 5 star (or 6 star) and give his sig an additional ability where each buff nullified gives him 3-7% of his max power to help with that slow ass power gain.
Thor: Add as 5 or 6 star
Wolvie and SW: Add as 5 stars but not 6 stars yet (yes yes, a sig 200 SW would be the strongest champ in game we all know this but still).
Iron Men (Sup, IM, IP): More damage would be nice, maybe higher special damage and better armor breaks
Col: As you said, add those new synergies to him normally
Beast: Alittle better regen numbers
Psylocke: Remove her less power gain on attacks and that "getting hit gives power" and better crit damage
Gambit: Combine both his charges together and make them permanent when holding block unless you get hit which would have a 30% chance you lose all and have to start over (his damage would be insane on specials)
Storm: Give her specials a high crit chance (like Carnage or SW)
Iron Fist: Nullify on ALL crits, better armor breaks, higher damage but keep him as a glass cannon
Ant-Man: Add a "Giant Man" feature you can hold block or something and he gets as big as Sentinel with doubled attack (or 3x) but you loose the ability to Glance and instead gain the ability to Concuss on attacks like LC.
Spidergwen: Give her SP1 at least something that caused damage. Maybe she shoots a web or two while she spins.
OG BP: Should be King Bleed, so let him act like it.
DD Netflix: Better Dodge chance that scales with sig like OG DD
Falcon: Double (at least) lock on time, less cool down, hold block timer change to 1 second (or at least 1.5)
Karnak: Double True Strike timer, should gain True Strike on Focus (optional if you double his true strike duration), lower base attack damage but higher crit damage meaning he's a crit focused champ.
Rocket: Higher Crit damage
Hulkbuster: Crit Resistance the lower his health gets passive effect from his sig and the more armor he gets AND each armor up reduces offensive ability acc by say 10% each, plus permanent armor ups on each 25% marks oh health loss that carries over fights (so if you fight a HB on AWD at 25% health left he'll start the fight with 4 armor ups that don't drop off unless nullified). So his defense will be a combo of IMIW and OG Ultron in how the more armor ups IMIW gets the more crit resistance he gets and OG Ultron's armor ups are crazy good) and the ability reduction on armor ups like Civil Warrior. This would make him a Wall on defense on the right nodes but still have many champs who can get past him.
Punisher 2099: Make his sig have an additional effect of "each battery usage is 1-50% less depending on sig level so at sig 99 all his usages cost 50% less. Also possible addition to his sig would be when in overdrive, it drains the battery 20% slower.
BW: 5 star version with about 85-90% AA reduction at sig 200
KK: Infinite stacking Furies since they are weak but you have a 35% chance to lose them on being hit. That or make the Furies actually meaning something like Angela, Hyperion or Hela levels of actually mattering when active and keep how they work the same as now. Also when charging her heavy make it so you never lose those Fury from the heavy unless you get hit so you can carry around 3 always unless hit but make the strength of these only about %33 of her attack so having all 3 gives her doubled attack.

These changes are game braking and crazy (The Hulk Buster one may be alittle extra as it'll make him a nightmare on defense tho) and will make all the champs named actually better or even just usable.

Thoughts anyone?


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    Like somone of the ides like the ant Mans. As long it only a size og large Not xlarg becasse it wuld lag you phone what it happen every time he make him smail
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    I have a couple ideas for Abomination

    -Any poison effects inflicted onto Abomination are instantly converted into a certain amount of life (like the life steal kind, so no buffs or regeneration over time. Just instant heath gain)

    -Any bleed effects spill the Abomination’s toxic blood, inflicting a passive poison effect onto the opponent for as long as the Abomination bleeds. This passive poison’s damage is increased the closer Abomination is to his foe

    -All special attacks have a chance to inflict vulnerability onto the opponent, a unique debuff that decreases ability accuracy onto the opponent, has a chance to make Abomination’s special attacks unblockable, and increases poison damage taken

    -Dashing back and holding block for 1 second changes one bleed debuff into an open wound (passive bleed that deals no damage) for 1.5x the duration of the bleed that was purified (so a 4 second bleed turns into a 6 second open wound)

    -Special 2 has a chance to inflict stun. This chance increases if both hits of the special land

    -Special 3 has a 100% chance to inflict poison, stun, and vulnerability

    Signature Ability: Toxic Monster

    -Chance to inflict poison at the start of the fight (between 1 and 4 stacks randomly)

    -Poison damage increases by a certain amount with more poison debuffs (scales with sig)

    -When the Abomination lands a special or heavy attack, his power surges, and a poisonous presence forms around him. When the opponent is close to this presence, all poison damage is increased (scales with sig), and they have a chance to become poisoned when nearby the presence (also scales with sig)

    These changes give him utility and damage, and none of these mechanics are completely unavoidable or unfair

    I think I’ll make a thread for this...
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    Punisher 2099 :

    Special 1: Excessive Force – A vicious pistol whip followed by a barrage of hot lead shows why Jake still relies on good old fashioned gun-powder.

    Punisher 2099 momentarily switches his battery into Overcharge mode, gaining 20% charge over 5 seconds.

    5% of the Battery is drained to to Bleed the opponent

    Nano-Tech – Automatic Effects
    Opponent activates a Regeneration Buff – 15% of the Battery is drained to infect the opponent with nano-inhibitors and Heal Block them for 10 seconds. This Debuff automatically reapplies itself if a Regeneration Buff is still active when it expires.
    Punisher 2099 drops below 25% Health – the Battery is drained entirely, allowing Punisher 2099 to Regenerate 40.8 Health over 15 seconds for each percent drained.

    Punisher 2099 lands a Heavy Attack – 10% of the Battery is drained to Stun the opponent for 1.5 seconds.



    Armor Up Buff Are Passive

    Special 1: Transmit Force – Red Skull strikes his opponent before passing through space to quickly catch them off guard with two quick hits.

    All hits refreshes all Shocks on the opponent inflicted through Red Skull’s abilities and Stuns the opponent for 2 Seconds And Armor Break For 10 Seconds

    RedSkull Has A Chance To Gain A Fury Buff increase he's Damage For 10 Seconds


    Vulture :

    Give Him More Incinerates Damage

    Special 3: Hybrid Alien Technology – Striking from the sky, Vulture hurls his opponent back, before employing an industrial laser heavily modified with alien tech.

    This attack Incinerates the enemy, dealing 3500 Energy Damage over 20 seconds. This effect also removes Perfect Block Chance and reduces Block Proficiency by 50% while it’s active And Bleed The Opponent .

    At 100 Chitauri Energy He Get A Fury Buff Until He have Less Then 100 Chitauri

    Disclaimer : All The Iron man In Tech Need Beta Not Simple Improvement
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    Add the ability for Drax' unique double hit medium to bypass evade and astral! :) That would be a great buff.
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