Request for even 1 day of 30 minute AQ timers please!

Trying to do right with departing members getting SA rewards but are still waiting to start AQ This is hurting my alliance to transition to getting new people in. Being fair and nice to let people get rewards is costing everyone else. I feel like I'm doing the right thing but we will be penalized for doing so with 1 hour timers. 1 day of 30 minute timers I'm sure would not just help my alliance but many across the board going through sudden and planned changes to their rosters. I know I'm not alone out there! Thanks.


  • Patchie93Patchie93 Posts: 682
    Bro i feel you in the same spot with my alliance. Why is SA taking so long today
  • aWaRgOdaWaRgOd Posts: 5
    Bump. Can a mod chime in? We treated the members who donated before they left as fair as possible but Getting a 4 hour late start doing so will surely prevent us from finishing on day 5. Thank you.
  • aWaRgOdaWaRgOd Posts: 5
    edited October 13
    What can alliances do in the future to avoid a problem like this? It felt wrong to kick people before they got their earned rewards. Similar to people getting kicked a day before end of aw season. We likely won't finish this aq series on day 5 with the late sa rewards in aq day 1. Thank you.
  • aWaRgOdaWaRgOd Posts: 5
    If a mod could pm me or respond here it would be appreciated. Are any other alliances not in a time crunch because of waiting for sa rewards for departing members ?
  • R4GER4GE Posts: 1,442
    When this or something similar happens in my alliance I do whats best for the alliance, not for those leaving. Specially if they are leaving during AQ.
    Ideally you wanna do right by everyone, just not always possible.
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