Consistent Gold 1 Alliance seeking Strong Active Player

The Shadow Power, a Gold 1 Alliance since Season 2. Current rating is over 13mil.
Looking for some solid players capable of running Map 5 and AW tier 4 – 5.
Communication via LINE App required.
We’re in the Expert bracket in AQ.
We have 1 battlegroup running 5x5 and 2 battlegroups running 55522.
This keeps donations low and allows us to coordinate Map2 on AW attack days (most of the time) for those running 55522.

If you want a laid back, funny, knowledgeable, active and organized alliance to play with, look no further.
Our members sit across 7 timezones between North & Central America and Europe.

We do have minimum contributions for multiday Alliance events except Arena ones and SA.
We usually hit all top milestones in most Alliance events.

Weekly donations:
93.5k Gold
20.5k Battleships
8.75k Loyalty.

Consistent activity in AQ and AW is expected.
We normally do 100% AQ and we try to always clear all AW BGs.

We know people have lives outside the game. Occasional unavailability is of fine, but we try to communicate this in advance so to avoid impacts.

You are expected to clear your path in AQ and AW, without having to use a lot of items to do it.
300k+ rating preferred, but potentially open to lower if we think you’ll be a good fit.

Must be able to place 5/50 or 3/45 defenders or better and run Map 5 and AW attack at the same time (doesn’t happen very often though).

Please contact me if you're interested.

Alliance: ShadowPower (TSP)
LINE ID: cur53d


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