Which 5* should I max out!?

Ok so,
This feels like the biggest decision in three years of playing this game...
Any kind of advice or help would be greatly appreciated!

Which 5* should I max out!? 8 votes

Ghost Rider Awakened (sig50)
DarkZenTinoMiaKobster84ItsTheBroski 4 votes
Archangel Awakened (sig70)
Maldroit2SparkyCzFungeonHexanor 4 votes


  • DingaloDingalo Posts: 335
    BTW! I forgot as an option:

    WAIT FOR SOMEONE BETTER (if so, who?)
  • Ghost Rider Awakened (sig50)
    I would wait tbh. AA is amazing just so many bleed or poison immune champions that make him not 6/65 worthy. GR isn't the best but he is part of the holy trinity. With that being said, using him constantly would make it better for you to have him as a 5/65.
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