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Make Mordu Great Again

I think Mordu is a really fun character to play with, who has a pretty unique play style, similar to that of Quake's. However, the main benefit of holding Mordu's block break is powergain while under one bar of power and generating fury buffs. The fury buffs provide a very nice boost to Mordu's attack, however, they 1. wear off too quickly and 2. cannot be generated fast enough, as in order to get in a block break, you kind of need to stun the opponent. Most of the time, this is done in the form of a parry, which allows you to stack only two-three furies. If you use Mordu's block break too fast, you don't even generate a fury buff.
A simple solution would be adding a mechanic to extend the length of Mordu's fury buffs. If the buff duration is long enough, then it doesn't matter too much about generating a massive amount at a time. Currently, his furies last 12 seconds and can be stacked to a maximum amount of ten.
I have a couple ideas about how to make Mordu's block break a more interval part of his fighting and allow him to be a more desirable champion:
1. Extend the length of his fury buffs, but keep the maximum amount to ten (my thought was to about 30 seconds, this would allow for much more time to get in parries or sp1 stuns and use the block break to keep generating furies).
2. Add a mechanic that allows his fury buffs to become permanent, but still keep the maximum amount to ten. For example, using Mordu's sp3 allows any current fury buffs to become permanent. This may come with a catch, such as: all furies are immediately removed if Mordu reaches 10% health.
3. Add a stun or a chance to stun the opponent after a block break. This might have a catch, for example: the stun chance is reduced to 0 after a successful use, until five hits have been landed on the opponent.

Any of these buffs of new mechanics could be added directly, or could be added in the form of a synergy bonus. Any thoughts from professional Mordu players out there, or in general?


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