Which Of These Offers Do You Want During Halloween?

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Now to make this clear I don't know what's Coming, but maybe, just maybe one of these offers will be available.
(None have appeared before and are my custom idea, also SV means same value for uncollected and collected.)
Spooky Bundle: Collected: Chance at 5 (1500) star shards or 4 (1000) star shards.
Uncollected: Chance at (1000) 6 star shards, or (2500) 5 star shards.
Spooky Champion Crystal: Cointains Venom, Carnage, Green Goblin, Hyperion, Sentinel, Saber tooth, Modok, and Red Skull.
Collected: 4 star varites
Uncollected: 4 or 5 star varies
(SV) Hallows Gold Crystals:
10 Hallows Gold Crystals, each cointaining 15000, 30000, or 50000.
(SV) Hallows Scary Boost:
10 War Boost Crystals
10 30+ Boosts (Regular Boosts)
50K Gold
10 Tier 6 Basic Iso
(SV) Hallows Awakening:
2000 4 star shards
1000 5 star shards
500 6 star shards
4 star awankeing gem crystal

Which Of These Offers Do You Want During Halloween? 9 votes

Spooky Bundle 5$ or 15$(Can Buy 3 Times)
AloofjalapenioTheMarauder53Mitchell35XxOriginalxX 4 votes
Spooky Champion Crystal 10$ or 25$(Can Buy 3 Times)
adqqedfyvr 1 vote
Hallows Gold Crystals 25$ (One Time Buy)
Hallows Scary Boost 15$ (One Time Buy)
Hallows Awakening 15$ (One Time Buy)
Scopeotoe987Kobster84Webby72Cosmicspiderman777 4 votes


  • Hallows Awakening 15$ (One Time Buy)
    Spooky Champion bundle includes
    C = 1.5k 5 star shards, 10 Premium Crystals, 15k gold
    UC = 1k 6 star shards, 5 Grand Master Crystals, 50k gold
  • we'll get a Google play exclusive Halloween crystal of 2* monster champs like VTD, Symbiote Supreme, Venom, Carnage, GR, Mephisto, Morning Star, Gobby, Doc Ock, MODOK, Abomination, Sabretooth, Red Skull and like it.
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