Looking for Gold 1, 5400 Prestige, AQ 5x5


My defenders are optional of being, 4* awakened rank 5 Iceman or Hulk, 6* sabre, 5* rank 4 Sentinel, 5* rank 3 imiw, and a rank 3 awakened 5* Cable.

My attackers are Ghost Rider and Blade as awakened 4*s for War and I’m about to switch back and forth between Captain iw and Killmonger. Killmonger is already at rank 3 tho so I use him vs spidey.

If those defenders aren’t enough for you, be very skeptic on my joining as I don’t like to rank up 4*s.

I have videos to show my fighting technique as well as a video of soloing Emma Frost on uncollected.

My line ID is Abolitionist321

Don’t contact me in game.



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