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5.5 Mil Active but Chill Alliance Looking for 3

Hi Folks,

We are an established 5.5 Mil, AQ & AW focused alliance with active players. Silver 2 last few seasons.

We want to finish Silver 1 this season and so are recruiting players to come along with us on the journey.

We currently have 3 spots open. We Prefer a level 50 or above player, but could re-consider based on your roster/skill/experience.

We are chilled but play and participate in all AQ & AW and our donation requirements are very low.

We do 3 wargroups of AW (twice a week) and AQ and easily smash 20 Mil in AQ every time.

Thanks to the increased flexibility, we now run Maps 4/3/2 during wars and 5/4/3 otherwise. This allow all our members at various skill levels and rosters to participate, contribute, skill up and enjoy.

*Donations are 15K Gold weekly.
*AQ & AW Participation is MANDATORY unless you have a good reason.

IGN: Trickiter
Line: Trickiter
Alliance: Rogue
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