LF 2 Members in a Gold 1 Alliance

Disadvantaged Guardians - Recruiting - AW Focused Gold 1 - AQ 5x5 - 6000+ Prestige

**Alliance Name:** Disadvantaged Guardians (TAG: DH-DG)

**IGN:** Salsamander

**Rating:** 16 Million

**AW:** Tier 4 Gold 1 (2.2k war rating) ( top 100 last three seasons)

**AQ:** Map 5 ( top 600)


[You can join the DG Interview Room directly from here, via the Line App!!](https://line.me/ti/g/2RpYm3RLy8)

If you are an active player who wants to be in an awesome alliance that is rapidly growing and that can handle their weight, this is the right place for you!

**What is our goal as an Alliance?**

* To have FUN!

* Play smart.

* Focus on quality not quantity.

* Group like-minded players.

**What do we offer?**

* A warm community environment with strong comradeship.

* A [website](http://www.d-heroes.com) to display alliance and player info as well as providing lots of useful guides.

* A very active alliance that strives to reach every milestone in all daily events as well as working hard on Completion and smashing SA every week!

* Chat using the LINE APP to communicate with all your friends and fellow alliance members.

**What are we looking for in the new players?**

* 6000+ Prestige.

* 3+ 5 Star Rank 4/55+

* 1+ 6 Star

* Ability to run Map 5 with minimal/no items.

* Download the LINE APP from the Apple or Android store and connect with us.

* No drama or egos!

We are specifically looking for Path1 fighters. Having Corvus/Iceman/Magik/Blade at 4/55+ would be a plus!

**Why do you need to use the LINE APP?**

* We operate as 8 alliances (so far) with all being a part of the [DH] alliance family.

* All alliance members are expected to communicate and be aware of our strategies.

* We aim to rank highly in all alliance events and our plans, strategies and best practice are discussed via chat.

* So the LINE APP is very much needed to join our alliance.

*Thanks for your time! Fun is in progress, and that is what we strive for!*
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