Alliance War Season 5 Changes

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Season 5 of Alliance Wars is coming up on October 31st! With it, it’s bringing some changes to the mode, as well as some updates to our policies surrounding punishment for Alliances that play unfairly. Let’s dive in!

Rotating Global Buffs

Every Season, we will be choosing a new Buff, or set of Buffs, to apply to the Mode. At this time, we’re only going to be activating these on the Expert and Challenger maps.

This Season, we’re activating:

Amped Up: Female Champions you bring to this fight receive +25% Attack Rating. Additionally, the effects from Class Advantage are 50% more potent.
Amped up affects the Attacker, so bringing in Female Champions will give your Attack team an offensive boost!

Bleed Immunity: Bleed immunity affects Defenders. Bringing in Debuff heavy Champions will still be a viable option, but Champions that rely heavily on Bleed will not be as effective this Season.

Now, this is the first time we’re doing this, and we’ll be monitoring their performance during the Preseason to ensure that they are not overzealous. If we find that they are having too large of an effect, we will act accordingly.

Remember, these Buffs are only here for 6 weeks, and will not appear again in Season 6 or 7, and will only be active on the Expert and Challenger Maps, which are for Alliances in Tiers 1-5.

Updates to Punishments for Cheating in Alliance Wars:
Starting now, we will no longer be reducing an Alliance’s War Rating when we discover that they are cheating/piloting. While we had the best of intentions when we implemented this policy, it has become clear that this method punishes lower ranked Alliances that come up against an Alliance that has had their War Rating reduced. We will be increasing the points we deduct from the Alliance’s Season Score, and are looking into ways that we can reduce their Tier Multiplier in the future without affecting War Rating.

Both of these will be active when Matchmaking starts again today! Remember, the actual season starts on October 31st! Be prepared!
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