Rank up for Act 4 & 5; T2 Alphas

Need advice on how to get to my first Rank 3 5 Star; whether I should stop upgrading 4 Stars and save resources for 5 Stars. Currently have 2 maxed out 4 Stars: Archangel and Starky

Would like to find out how people collect T2 Alphas efficiently. I always clear Epic and Master difficulty in monthly event quests and grind a fair bit of arena; working towards 100% Act 4. The below upgrades would be used towards Act 5 and uncollected content.

Next 4 Stars to max out (awakened): -
Corvus Glaive
Scarlet Witch

Current 5 Star champs that I'm leaning to upgrading (unawakened), for game-play progression
Archangel (I have a maxed out 4 Star)

Worthy 5 Star mentions (unawaken): -
Doctor Voodoo


  • JustusCastrumJustusCastrum Posts: 149
    Iceman and aa2 will help you out a lot as r3.
    I'm not familiar enough with domino.
    Voodoo undupe is still an ok champ in my opinion.
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