There should be a new interesting game mode for solo players but also be included for those in alliances. Itd help with the "gold issue" and help solo Summoners with collecting/ranking new champions.

The Mode: Kind of like dungeons u pick ur champions then find a partner. 3 defenders. 1 attacker. 2 mini fights and 1 boss fights nodes could range from 25% Champion boost to 300% champion with other boosts included, depending on how many points u have and ur prestige.

Point System: EVERYONE'S points should start at 0 no matter prestige or top champs. For each win u get while ur below 250 points u get 10 points. Then gain 25 points per win until 500 points. And say 50 points until u reach 1000 points. Points could stay 50 until reaching 2000 points. The points u have and ur prestige is to decide the nodes u face and opponent.

Rewards: Prestige of 500 or lower would gain 500 gold and 250 PHC shards.
Prestige of 501-1500 would gain 250 3* shards plus 1/2 of a tier 2 basic catalyst. And 2500 gold
1501-3000 would gain 100 4* shards and 1/2 of a tier 3 basic. And 5k gold
Basically u see how it ramps up.

Time: It would only last 15 minutes. 3 for placement and 12 for the fights. There would be no time out fights.

Stats: It would be shown on ur Summoner profile with a win/loss ratio. For example 9 wins and 3 losses. 33%.

Winning and Losing: If both Summoner manage to beat all 3 fights within the time limit the win will be given to the summoner who beat the fights and took the least amount of damage. So if u bring a regen champ the fact that u ate a sp3 will still count against u even if u regened back up to 100%. Items will be locked out of this event. As mentioned before, for each win u gain X amount of points. BUT it also means that if u do not win, u lose X amount of points.

Let me know how u feel about this mode. Love it ? Hate it ? Meh ? Maybe ?
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