New to game

Just some tips for who to upgrade, how to get materials and upgrade materials, and who to upgrade for certain acts. Maybe some tips on how to get crystals idk. Thanks in aadvance


  • 1 4 star (Archangel) and a few 3 stars and 2 stars I use. Mainly a 3 star war machine and 2 star ultron, along with occasionally a 2 star iron fist / 3 star gamora or taskmaster
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    Don’t sell champs.
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    Basically what was said above...

    + DO NOT spend units on Premium Hero Crystals (PHC). Use units you gain to work your way into getting Parry and Dexterity Masteries... they are life changing.
    + Like said above... if you can provide a screen shot of your champs we can help you on where to focus (AA is god tier).
    + DO NOT sell your champs (when you duplicate them, you get more resources worth in the long run).
    + Try and find that comfortable alliance and grow with them. Usually Line app is required for communication, and honestly, at first i didn't want to because i never really game that much and wasn't a fan... but for this game, there isn't much things better than having that family like vibe with help from alliance members to help grow + you gain much more resources in an alliance!
    + If you are out of energy and are looking for something to do in game... arena is a solid way to gain Battle Chips (BC), which = more Gold and more Units.

    You maybe know some of this stuff already, but i just wanted to point out more basics!
    Hope this kinda helps out :)
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    @Austin555555 beat me to the selling champs part lol ;)
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    Dingalo wrote: »
    @Austin555555 beat me to the selling champs part lol ;)

  • Do some research on Masteries or else you will wind up redoing them multiple times. Unlock Parry and Dexterity ASAP. Only need one point in Dex. Find an alliance with 30 members who play every day and run 3 groups of AQ and War. When you are able to clear whatever AQ map you or on easily, run a harder map. If your alliance doesn't want to run a harder map, find a new alliance. Cheers and good luck.
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