ORXII 12M Gold 2 55552 LF new players

We are looking for two members to replace retirees.
We run 55552 in AQ because we can't be fussed with day 5 AQ BS, we always hit at least 80M rewards, with 90M and 100M milestone's often hit.
We often finish in the top 1800 alliances.
In terms of AW we finished gold 2 last season missing out on gold 1 by about 100 places, we have since taken on some strong players from plat 3 allys and our aim is to break into gold 1. As such a certain level of commitment will be sought.
Ideally you will be 250k or above with a minimum of 5 5/50s for defence and a solid AQ and AW attack.
We are not hardcore, RL comes first but we still expect commitment to AQ and AW.

Message me on line @ljp7730 alliance tag is ORXII

Thanks and see you in the contest.
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