QQQ Alliance: Fun relaxed alliance by and for casual beginners

Do you want to join an alliance that gives you the most rewards possible by applying the most sophisticated strategies and a relentless commitment to active participation by everyone? Then stop reading this post!

Our alliance (Name: QQQ, Tag: 3Qs) is tiny and not particularly great at anything. We don't use any chat apps to discuss our strategy because we do not really have any strategy. Mostly we just keep doing what we were doing and we get all sorts of benefits from being in an alliance. There are tons of Alliance Events that get you all sorts of rewards (like the Solo Events you are used to, but better because all the points from all the players are combined and anyone in the Alliance who contributed any points to the event get the rewards). For example, we recently finished an "Item Use" event where everyone in the Alliance who used an item such as a healing potion or a mastery core got 100 4-star shards, a premium hero crystal, 20 units, a tier 3 basic catalyst, and a full energy refill. I can't guarantee that future events will be this profitable, but there are many events going on all the time. I can guarantee that a better alliance would get you more rewards, but if you don't want to deal with the pressure of a more serious group.

We do Alliance Quests sometimes. If you join our alliance feel free to jump into an Alliance Quest and roam around and fight any targets you find. Don't worry about messing up our questing strategy -- as noted above, we don't really have one. If you join in but then get busy and don't have time to keep participating, nobody is going to yell at you or kick you out of the alliance. If you just do not feel like playing for a week, nobody is going to give you a hard time. It is just a game!

Feel free to join for a while, try out the alliance features of MCOC and then graduate to a more serious alliance later. There will not be any hard feelings if you come and go!

We do not allow any bullying or harassment, but other than that we are really do not have any rules or requirements. There is no need to ask for permission to join -- the alliance is open (this will change if we get a flood of obnoxious trolls or something, but otherwise we plan to stay that way).

If you have any questions, feel free to post here or message me in game (posting here is probably better because the in-game messaging only allows a tiny number of characters per message).

- QQBill


  • QQBillQQBill Posts: 6
    FWIW, we are still looking for more people. We are not a great alliance, but we do provide all the benefits of not being in alliance (i.e., no pressure to deliver anything) with some of the benefits of being in an alliance (e.g., loyalty chips for sending help, prizes from alliance events, etc.).
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