sabretooth or ice man.

Like the titles says, am having a dilemma, I just awakened my 4*star sabretooth and opened a 4* ice man from the 4* crystal. I have the resources to take one to rank 4/40 right nw, but I don't know which to go for. ST is presently at rank 3/30 while ice man is 1/10. Heard ice man is good but have never used him. Please your advice is needed.

sabretooth or ice man. 24 votes

Sabretooth (duped)
belli300NamelezUsername72647 3 votes
Ice man (unduped)
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  • sickboy9sickboy9 Posts: 40
    Ice man (unduped)
    Iceman is gonna be more useful at this moment, do you have KM and Void for synergy with Sabretooth?
  • BarathKUBarathKU Posts: 26
    Ice man (unduped)
    Bro, I have 4* iceman un duped, he is really good to fight with... his ice armour reduces most of the incoming damage and cold snaps are very good to bleed the opponent out.. I never played with sabertooth so cant comment on him much..
  • I have killmonger but I don't have void yet, I'll eventually rank up both but undecisive on who to choose first, I'll use sabretooth for AW war and quest, then ice man for story quest as I am yet to complete act 4. Will iceman be better for exploring act 4?
  • NamelezNamelez Posts: 995
    Sabretooth (duped)
    SaberTooth just for the fact u have KillMonger there's a thread full of things ST can do with that Synergy
  • KaruseusKaruseus Posts: 356
    If you have other champs immune to bleed/poison, you might as well stick to sabertooth for that coldsnap immunity... assuming you dont have corvus/IMIW/mephisto
    If you don’t have incinerate immunity, go for iceman
  • BarathKUBarathKU Posts: 26
    Ice man (unduped)
    @Jackbrooks2580 I’m in act 4 right now and yes I use iceman predominantly. He is really helping out as he withstand more fight. Watch seatin videos for more techniques
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