Best Passive Ability Champ & rank

Almost completed Act 5, need a little help though. I’d like to rank a champ I can use for LoL and AQ too tho. So it’s 50:50

5* Venom to r3
4* Iceman to r5
4* Hyperion/Carnage/Venom/Proxima

I was saving to rank 5* Red Hulk to r4, now I am unsure as it would take last of my teir two alphas & will have enough for a featured 5* Crystal soon. Approaching 6* crystal.

My most serious consideration going to 5* Venom for his passive evade bypass, immunities, and bleed. Second to 4* Iceman. Iceman has the most immunities and bypassss all evade, not just spider verse. His coldsnap damage is unique as well, bypassing Bleed immune.

Thinking I should rank a lower teir and save class cats to rank 5* Awakened MS to r4.


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